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Lemonheads Evan Dando to Pen Memoir ‘Rumors of My Demise’

Evan Dando was the face of alternative rock in the 90’s. Synonymous with everything sex, drugs and rock n’ roll are all about, his excessive lifestyle is chronicled in his memoir ‘Rumors of My Demise’. The book is a collaboration between Dando and music writer Jim Ruland and it will be released via Gallery Books. The release date is currently unknown.


Dando explains his motivation behind the memoir stating, “My life is a muddy river. I thought I should add more dirt.”


Gallery Books entices readers with the following summary “From starting out in Boston’s hardcore punk scene in the Eighties to becoming a Nineties icon as the Lemonheads lead singer, Dando is the embodiment of the golden age of alternative rock & roll-bacchanalian tours with the Lemonheads, two gold records, and all several lifetime’s worth of drugs, sex, and parties, Dando’s memoir will set the record straight on everything the media got wrong and include never-before-told stories from the tumultuous band history to what it was like to be famous in the Nineties before the internet turned everything toxic.”


The memoir’s editor, Alison Callahan went on to say, “I’ve long been a fan of Evan’s music. His shockingly honest memoir is a look inside the funhouse of his mind and a much welcome capsule of Nineties nostalgia.”


Dando, who now leads a semi-clean lifestyle in Martha’s Vineyard, further elaborates promising the book will reveal what really happened when he partied with Keith Richards and slept with Johnny Depp’s girlfriend. It will also cover his stint roadie-ing for New Age singer Enya and how he got fired for insulting her and a Glastonbury performance that went wrong due to drug use and a supermodel.


In between the sensational news, it will also follow the Lemonheads career that includes a series of well known 90’s LP’s including “It’s a Shame About Ray”, “Come on Feel the Lemonheads” and “Car Button Cloth”. After being the center of attention, Dando withdrew from the spotlight and the Lemonheads only released a pair of cover albums, entitled “Varshons”, over the last 11 years.


In other Lemonheads news, the band has also announced the rerelease of their major label debut album “Lovey”. It will be coming out as a deluxe reissue to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its 1990 release.


Lovey followed a string of punk releases on Taang! Records and was the Lemonheads’ first LP to be put out on Atlantic Records. It marks the band’s shift towards alternative rock and was the last recording to feature bassist turned filmmaker Jesse Peretz. It was a prelude to the Lemonheads’ 1992 LP, It’s a Shame About Ray which would be a breakthrough for the band.


The reissue will also include live recordings from the band’s 1991 Australian tour as well as two LP/CD deluxe books with expanded liner notes and unseen photos.

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