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Miley Cyrus Announces New Original Album “Plastic Hearts”

Miley Cyrus has been keeping busy during the pandemic. She recently gave fans a taste of what’s to come by releasing her new single “Midnight Sky”. Last night she announced her new album “Plastic Hearts” will be dropping on Nov.27 via RCA Records. This will be a follow up to her 2017 LP “Younger Now”.


Fans can preorder that album here. The album will also include Cyrus’s covers of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” and the Cranberries “Zombie”.


Cyrus announced the official album release date on midnight of October 23 in a handwritten note that was posted on Instagram. In the note, she explains the reason for the album’s long gestation period stating, "I began this album over 2 years ago. Thought I had it all figured out. Not just the record - its songs/sounds but my whole fucking life. No one checks an ego like life itself.


"Just when I thought the body of work was finished it was all erased. Including most of the music's relevance. Because everything had changed,” she went on to write.


Miley also unveiled the album’s cover art which was shot by iconic rock photographer Mick Rock.


If Midnight Sky is any indication of the musical direction Cyrus will be going in with Plastic Hearts, she may be following more of a rock n’ roll path. Although the song is heavily synthesized, sounding a bit like classic disco, there is a distinct Fleetwood Mac influence.


Her move towards rock music is further evidenced by the covers she is doing on her album as well as her recent announcement that she is also working on a Metallica cover album.


It may have started when she stunned crowds during her performance “Zombie” at the Whisky A Go Go last year. Then she appeared singing two songs on the Chris Cornell tribute show, a performance that left even Lars Ulrich ‘stunned’. Many fans followed up commenting “She was born to be a rock star.”


Now, upon her decision to make a Metallica cover album she says "I can say yes to anything. It would take something really f--king crazy for me to say no. Wayne really opened that door for me, because I was on the 'Bangerz' tour at that time, where I was traveling the world," she added. (Wayne refers to Wayne Coyne, songwriter for the band Flaming Lips. The two performed together at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.)

"Your levels of fulfillment and depression are so drastic, because you've got that two hours where you're fully captivated and reaching your fullest potential, and then when you come down from it, it's so hard. Having him and having that psychedelic music changed everything for me."

Cyrus also sites one of her biggest influences as over the top punk rock front man Iggy Pop.


Whether or not Cyrus emerges as the unlikely hero who saves rock n’ roll is yet to be seen. In the mean time, mark your calendars for the drop of Plastic Hearts.

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