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Artist Promotion

Are you an artist and you want to promote your music? Are you with a label and want to promote one of your bands? We have a solution.

Funky Moose Records is pressing 7" records with 2 A-Sides, pressed on coloured vinyl. These will feature 2 different artists and will be limited to 100 copies.
To retain consistent audio quality, the records will be mastered by The Lacquer Channel, specifically for vinyl. These guys have an insane track record as they mastered albums for Rush, Jeff Healy, Our Lady Peace, Peter Gabriel and many more.

These records will be added to qualifying orders as a free gift to our customers. Those customers will check out the songs, look up more information from the accompanying info sheets. The info on those sheets will have at least one link to either the artist's website and/or a link to their vinyl album on Funky Moose Records.

This is a great opportunity to promote new releases and singles.

What does it cost?

We're trying to make this as fair as possible and a win-win-win situation. That's why we're splitting the cost of the pressing in an even 3 parts.
Part 1 is for the artist/band on Side A
Part 2 is for the artist/band on The other Side A
Part 3 is for Funky Moose Records.

Send us a message to get more info.

Who owns the rights?

In short, the rightful owner. That would be the artist or the label, depending on their contract. The artist or label extends the courtesy to Funky Moose Records to press one limited run of each release. No more, no less.

Which artists/musical genres qualify?

Any. We have a big appetite for music. From classic rock to metal, from punk to hip-hop. Country or jazz isn't out of the question either. We're not the music police and we won't be judging your artistry. However, we know our customers and it's them we press these records for, so we'll have to take it case-by-case to judge if a pressing will go over well and we'll try to put songs in the same genre on each record, so you won't hear punk on one side and hip-hop on the other, for example.

Does the band need a record to qualify?

We sell vinyl, so it would be great if we could sell the artist's record but we understand not every band/artist has squeaky fresh wax available. No problem. The service is meant to promote music and spread the love. If we can sell your record, great. If all we do is link to your digital tracks, we're happy to do so.

What have you done so far?

 Cat # Date Artists Genre
FMRP001 October 2019 Brent Braidwood / Steve Jensen Britpop

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