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Hi! We'd love to talk to you. The speech bubbles in the bottom-right of the site will get you in touch with us instantly if we're at a computer.

No phone?

Well, we do have a phone number, but we discourage trying to phone us. It's not that we don't want to talk to you, but because of our schedule, we're not always near the phone, or if we are, not near a computer to answer your questions, so to avoid frustration on both parts, please stick to email or chat.

If you just want to talk about something we don't need a computer for (like the weather or how awesome the new Bowie album is), please use 1-306-500-4942 to talk. No guarantees on if we answer, though.

Send us your records.

You're in a band and you want Funky Moose Records to sell your vinyl? Do you have a vinyl-related product you want to sell? Or you just want to send some of your swag? Our mailbox is open for business:

Funky Moose Records
Box 158
Bellevue, SK
S0K 3Y0

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