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Why choose Funky Moose Records?

When you order from Funky Moose Records, you're supporting a small, Canadian business.

You're supporting a family of 4, a dog and a cat.
You're supporting a family of 3 and a dog.
You're supporting a family of 4 with a 5th on the way.
You're supporting a young couple, about to tie the knot.
You're supporting a sporty music lover.

We're well aware that there are other ways to buy records and accessories, so here are a few reasons that make us unique:

We're not just a record store. We pour a bunch of support and money back into the music community.
For example, we organize MooseFest, our annual music festival that highlights indie, up and coming artists.
We host the Capitol Open Stage on Tuesdays in Saskatoon, so artists have a platform to work out their material on a stage.
We support artists in making their dreams become reality by getting them in the studio to record their music and promote their releases through Funky Moose Digital.
We spotlight indie musicians on Funky Moose Radio.

Of course, we have some unique features on our store as well.

We have a massive database of new records.
We add used records on an almost-daily basis.
We have products that are hard(er) to find elsewhere in Canada.
We have several payment options.
We ship via UPS, Purolator and Canada Post to get the best shipping rates possible.
We have unique, custom-designed mailers that protect your precious order.
We pride ourselves in having no-nonsense customer support.

Want to know more about us? We're an open book! Shoot us a message!


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