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7 Vinyl blogs and vlogs you should know about

I'm hungry. Not for McDonalds, Subway or Taco Bell, but for more vinyl. I want to learn everything, even though I know that will be too much.

I read a lot and I watch a lot of videos. Here are the 7 blogs and vlogs I visit on a regular basis.

  • Channel 33RPM - Frank has a YouTube channel about his adventures finding new/used vinyl, talks about rare finds and educates people about vinyl gear.
  • Dust and grooves - Eilon writes articles about collectors. The collectors that have a staggering amount of vinyl. You can read their stories there.
  • The vinyl record collector blog - Even though I sell only new vinyl online, I still love digging through used record bins at the local stores. The writer of this blog travels a lot and takes beautiful pictures of the local record stores.
  • The vinyl frontier - A blog with lots of honest reviews of records most of us never heard before. Great for finding your new favorites.
  • OMG Vinyl - Another great blog to find new music with reviews an previews of albums on vinyl.
  • Corey's VC Channel - Corey travels across the US, visiting record stores and talking to their owners.
  • Paige Martin - She has a great selection of records that she will proudly show off. I follow this channel, mainly because she has the same taste in music as I do. [EDIT] It looks like Paige decided to abandon her YouTube channel and do other things.

Share your favorite blog/vlog in the comments below!

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  • Paige deleted her channel after a video exposing her was put up on YT. it can e found by searching “Paige Martin Exposed.”

    Bill Rierson

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