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Album of the month: Muse - Drones

Muse is one of those highly underrated bands that can't really seem to get a solid footing in the North American market. They might get some recognition with their new album Drones.

Drones is an album with a meaning. It's about a single person, struggling with a future that's controlled by robotics and drones. The first song "Dead inside" describes the struggle, and from there on, the person goes into the military and "battling the dark forces that control our minds and everything..." (quoted from a BBC Radio interview with singer Matt Bellamy) and at the end of the album the person is getting back to a love-type situation.

Not only do I like albums that have some sort of story, I also enjoy the screaming guitars in Psycho and Reapers.

That's why this month, Muse - Drones is album of the month.

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