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What is the best way to find great music?

What is the best way to find great music?

Music discovery is one of the best things running an online record store. Customers are always requesting records that are not on the site, making me discover new music on the daily.

I understand that not everyone is inclined to run an online record store. So here are some tips on how to discover new music regularly.


Yep, you heard me. There's no reason streaming music and vinyl can't live together in our lives. Spotify Premium has a great feature called "Your daily mix", which gets updated regularly, based on your music listening habits. It creates playlists for you and each "Mix" is a different genre of music. I've discovered quite a bit of new artist this way. As you can see in the image, I have 6 mixes.
The first is alternative rock
The second is classic rock
The third is soul
The fourth is indie rock
The fifth is a combination of alternative and indie rock
The sixth is alternative rock and blues rock.

Facebook groups

I don't mean your friends' timeline with puppies, memes and political bashing. I mean the tonnes of dedicated groups for music junkies and vinyl lovers. A lot of music is shared in these groups and the added bonus is that it's usually a great community where you can ask questions about your audio setup, share your thoughts on which concert to see next or what to buy next.

Vinyl Subscription Services

Services like Vinyl Me Please, VNYL and the Funky Moose Records subscription service are a great way to have new music on vinyl on a regular basis. They work on the same premise, the options and "flow" is a little different for each of the services. You pay a set monthly fee and you get a record (or 3) in the mail in return. Some of the services let you know which record is coming, some leave it a secret until everybody received their record. It's up to you to decide which service works best for you.

Let's hear it in the comments below. What is your favourite way to find great music on vinyl?

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