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New Albums Coming Out This Spring

New Albums Coming Out This Spring

The lockdown has changed the face of the music industry due to the cancellation of live shows, but it’s still a great time to listen to music. Many artists are taking advantage of the current situation by releasing new music that is set to come out in the spring. Here are some releases to look out for.


The Strokes- The New Abnormal


These on again off again NYC bad boys are on again with their release of The New Abnormal out today, April 10. The album is their first release in 7 years. Loyal fans will not be disappointed by the band’s signature driving rhythms and fuzzy guitar tones which make the perfect complement to lead singer Julian Casablancas’ laid back vocals. The album has elements of Billy Idol and The Cure.


Fiona Apple-Fetch the Bolt Cutters


Originally scheduled to be released in a few months, Apple has talked the powers to be into pushing the album up for an April 17 debut. The album will be lyrically evocative and heavily percussive. All tracks were recorded in the songwriter’s Los Angeles home and features an eclectic group of musicians banging on walls and experimenting with household goods to create a unique sound. Stay tuned for guest appearances by Apple’s sister and model/actress Cara Delevingne who will be meowing on one of the tracks.


Hayley Williams – Petals for Armor


Paramore has certainly has their ups and downs when it comes to diverse musical stylings going from metal to disco to pop in a matter of years. Now lead singer Hayley Williams is taking her own direction with her first solo release Petals for Armor. The album is being described as ‘dark, synth pop’ much in the style of Billy Eilish. Lyrically, Williams will be exploring personal issues including her divorce from New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert. The album drops on May 8.


Neil Young – Homegrown


Homegrown consists of tracks Young recorded back in 1974. He scheduled the album for a 1975 release but later canceled it. Young recently had a change of heart and decided to release the tracks this year. It is slated to debut on May 29 and it will feature collaborations with Emmylou Harris and Robbie Robertson. Young explains that he decided to can the album because it explores, “the sad side of a love affair. I couldn’t listen to it. I had to move on.” Now, looking back some 45 years later, Young has decided, “I should have shared it. It’s actually beautiful.”


Norah Jones – Pick Me Up Off the Floor

This Grammy winner has definitely established herself as a musician to be watched. The album will not veer much musically in terms of the typical Nora Jones sound, but she is getting experimental when it comes to lyrics, moving in a more political direction. The album features Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy on guitar and piano and it drops on May 8.


So, which of these will you be choosing to get you through the lockdown?

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