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Bellamy Brothers Partner with Trulieve Cannabis for Old Hippie Stash Line

Bellamy Brothers Partner with Trulieve Cannabis for Old Hippie Stash Line

The cannabis industry is exploding and country stars The Bellamy Brothers are riding that wave teaming up with Florida company Trulieve to create an Old Hippie Stash line. The line is named after the Bellamy Brothers song “Old Hippie” which spent two weeks at number 2 on the Hot Country Songs chart.


The line is currently available at Trulieve dispensaries in Florida. It can also be ordered online. It consists of two types of cannabis. The first is Big Love which is described as having a ‘piney and sweet’ aroma and producing effects that can be described as ‘cerebral and euphoric’.


The other release is Reggae Cowboy. This one has a “very floral and spicy’ aroma ‘with subtle pungent undertones”. In terms of effects, it is said that it “packs a punch; this flower will provide a wave of tranquility and relaxation. The mellow sedative effects are accompanied with a tingling sensation throughout your body.”


Although cannabis is a money making industry, for the Bellamy Brothers, it’s not only about the money. "Medical marijuana has really great health benefits when used responsibly,” David Bellamy explains. “I know it’s helped Howard and me on many levels. There was a stigma for so long, but now people are talking about it seriously and considering cannabis as an alternative for stress, anxiety, pain management and many other health factors.”


Trulieve is also excited about the partnership. CEO Kim Rivers had this to say, "We are focused on providing a constantly evolving and expanding selection of high-quality cannabis products that meet the diverse medical needs of Florida patients, By partnering with Florida’s own Bellamy Brothers to launch a unique hybrid strain of flower, we are providing our patients with an exclusive signature product line with a throw-back quality that reflects David and Howard’s image for Old Hippie Stash, from their 1985 Billboard country single.”


The Bellamy Brothers are veterans of the country music scene. The group consists of real brothers David and Homer Bellamy. Both sing and play guitar.


The brothers started their music career in the 1970’s and have been putting out a steady stream of music ever since. They may be best known for their early 80’s crossover hit, “Let Your Love Flow”. Another well known single of theirs is “If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body (Would You Hold it Against Me).


The Trulieve company is known for providing hand grown plants that are free of unwanted chemicals and pests. Their products are targeted to boost wellness. They have dispensaries in Florida, California, Massachusetts and Connecticut.


The cannabis industry has been growing over the last few years and it is expected to continue on that trajectory. Currently, many people are using for its antioxidant properties which they feel may help protect them from the COVID virus. We hope that this venture is a successful one for the Bellamy Brothers and the Trulieve company.

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