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Byrne's American Utopia will have a second run on Broadway

Byrne's American Utopia will have a second run on Broadway

Byrne's musical will be back in September.

David Byrne

As SPIN writes, David Byrne’s Broadway musical American Utopia is ending the current run, but the producers have announced that it will return to the Hudson Theatre for a new 17-week long run (September 18th, 2020 - January 17th, 2021). While the opening date is not yet announced, tickets for all shows are on sale now.

The current run of American Utopia ended on February 16th, after a run of 121 performances on Broadway. Before it was turned into musical, American Utopia had a form of an album that Byrne released in 2018. He later made it into a live show featuring both Talking Heads and solo material performed by Byrne alongside 11 musicians.

“It’s become obvious to us in the band, the crew and the producer team that audiences want — dare I say need? — to see this show,” Byrne said in a statement. “They’re not ready to have it disappear just yet. We feel the same way, we love doing this show. So, it’s thrilling to us that we can announce that we’ll be back in September.”

David Byrne will appear with the American Utopia cast on SNL on February 29th. Also, Spike Lee is directing a film version of the show and the film will be launched in collaboration with the Broadway production in the fall.

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