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Blackpink’s "The Album" Takes Off

Exciting news comes from the world of pop as Blackpink’s first full length album, The Album has dropped. Although it’s early to tell how well the album will do, industry experts are predicting that it will soar up the charts.


The all girl K-Pop group was formed by YG Entertainment. Since debuting in 2016, they have been the highest charting female Korean act on the Billboard Hot 100 peaking at number 13 with their single “Ice Cream”. They also reached number 24 on the Billboard 200 charts with their song “Kill This Love”. They have had the most top 40 hits in the UK among all Korean artists and have broken numerous online records throughout their career.


Now that they are releasing their first album, fans and critics are anxious to see how it will be received.


The Album, which dropped on Friday, is being called a collection of high energy versatile bangers. The songs include a collaboration with Cardi B for the track “Bet You Wanna”. Selena Gomez joins the group for “Ice Cream”. Other standout hits include “Lovesick Girls” and “Love to Hate Me”.


Critics are saying the album has a fun vibe although some tracks fall flat. It has also been said that the LP could be more cohesive overall.


Another thing fans and critics have been keeping their eye on is how well The Album will do on streaming platforms. In the past, the band has done well in terms of selling music, but they have been slower to take off on Spotify and other digital platforms. However, this time around, it seems fans are accessing the LP any way they can.


When it comes to Spotify, the tracks took off as an instant success with four of the songs (half the track list) making it to the top 25 on the streaming platform on the day it was released. “Lovesick Girls” got the highest placement at number 3. “Bet You Wanna” got to number four. “Pretty Savage” soared to number 8 while “Ice Cream” made it to number 10.


Lower on the charts was “Crazy on You”, “Love to Hate Me” and “How You Like That” which appeared at 17, 18 and 19 respectively. The final song of the album, “You Never Know” made it to 25.


Besides the new album, YG Entertainment has other big plans for the girls. They are planning solo albums for each of the members. The band is also busy working on their reality show “24/365 with Blackpink” which launched on YouTube on June 13. The show documents their 2020 comeback and features the members sharing their lives through vlogs.


On Sept. 8. Netflix and Blackpink announced that an all-access documentary “Blackpink: Light Up the Sky will be premiering on Oct. 14. It will cover the four years since the band’s 2016 debut and include video footage from their training days, looks at their home life and behind the scenes footage and interviews with the members.

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