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Billie dominates Grammy Awards, Eno brothers unite, Juan Alderete in a coma

Billie dominates Grammy Awards, Eno brothers unite, Juan Alderete in a coma

Billie Eilish swept this year's Grammys

Billie Eilish won six Grammy awards this year, including the big four categories.

Billie Eilish

Eilish's debut album 'Where Do We Go When We Sleep?' won the Best Album of the Year award, while her famous single Bad Guy won the award for Song of the Year and Record of the Year. Eilish herself received the Best New Artist award. This makes her first female artist win all four big categories in a single year, and the youngest artist ever to win Album of the Year.

In addition, 'Where Do We Go When We Sleep' also won Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical and Best Pop Vocal Album, while Finneas, Billie's brother and collaborator won Producer of the Year, Non-Classical award as a producer of her album.

By the time they have received their last award, Billie and Finneas, writes Rolling Stone, did not have any words to give so they just thanked everyone one last time and left the stage.

Other notable wins include Lizzo, she won Best R&B Performance, Best Traditional R&B Performance, and Best Urban Contemporary Album; Tool won Best Metal Performance, which is their third time winning this category; Tyler the Creator finally got his first Grammy award, he won Best Rap Album for his masterpiece IGOR.

Brian and Roger Eno announce new album

Ambient brothers have announced their first-ever joint album.

Brian Eno

Although less known then his brother, Roger Eno has made his name collaborating with musicians such as Lou Reed, Beck, Jarvis Cocker.

Their first collaborative album titled 'Mixing Colours' will be out on March 20 via Deutsche Grammophon. It will be Brian's first record since 2017's Reflection.
They have shared the first single, 'Celeste'.

Eno brothers have collaborated before this project on soundtracks for David Lynch's Dune and Apollo.

Brian Eno has been active prior to this and released a song on December 10 titled 'Everything's on the Up With the Tories'. A cute sing-along song that makes fun of the Conservative Party, that has won England's general elections. All the proceedings from the song are going to the homeless, as NME writes.

The video was originally posted on Neil Gaiman's Youtube account with a caption saying: "This appeared mysteriously on my computer tonight. It might have come from a mole in Boris Johnson’s office. Obviously, Brian Eno, Jason Webley, Jherek Bischoff, and Amanda Palmer had nothing whatever to do with it. Vote tactically. Vote wisely and humanely. But for god’s sake, vote.”

Bassist Juan Alderete is in a coma following a bicycle accident

Mars Volta and Marilyn Manson bassist, Juan Alderete went through a serious bicycle accident. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and is currently in a coma.

Juan Alderete

According to Juan's wife, he is in a coma since the accident, which occurred on January 13. Alderete sustained a Diffuse Axonal Injury and, as NME writes, remains on a “wait and see” prognosis.

Juan Alderete played with The Mars Volta between 2003 and 2012. He also replaced Twiggy Ramirez as a bassist for Marilyn Manson, after Ramirez was accused of rape and sexual assault.

On January 24th, Alderete's wife Anne stated that fans were welcome to leave questions, while she encouraged neurology professionals to get in touch if they have any useful pieces of information.

“We know you have questions, concerns, thoughts to share, so please feel free to leave them in the comments (not DM please, sorry) here,” she shared.

“We’re also very eager to hear from neurologists, medical professionals with experience in DAI and TBI, first-person accounts of similar trauma and outcomes – essentially any useful, factual and accurate resources that relate to Juan’s injury. If you have any of these, please DM me (Anne) @tunatoast.”

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