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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and Funky Moose Records

What's still available?

Everything on the site is available again. 


[Updated 11th of June 2020] Shipping is slower than normal and over the past months, we've put in several claims with them for "stuck" packages. All of them have been recovered and made their way to their destination safe and sound. Please, DO NOT contact Canada Post directly. The answers they provide are generic and will do nothing for your parcel. Please get in touch with us if your parcel is delayed and we'll open a ticket with Canada Post.

Supplier updates 

[June 11th] Spin Clean products were in limbo for a little while, but we finally signed up with the new distributor, with an added bonus that we'll be carrying Pro-Ject turntables and possibly Klipsch speakers in the near future as well!

With that, all of the products on our site are ready to order again. Possible backorders will be filled as soon as we can.

[May 24th] Our supply chain is almost back to how it was pre-COVID, except for the fact that everything takes a little longer than normal because our suppliers mostly work in shifts with smaller teams for now. Our main supplier for new records is catching up with the demand and is slowly stocking more inventory, as are we.

Thank you for your continued patience during this strange time.

[April 30th] Our regular supplier will re-open on Monday the 4th at reduced capacity. This means we'll be able to put in regular orders on a more frequent basis but also that the inventory on our site is accurate again.

[April 29th] The "new" suppliers are trying their hardest to keep up with demand, but the reality is that people are home, bored, ordering records. Most warehouses only operate at 35% capacity, so their normal shipping schedules are compromised as well. Please remain patient. When you place an order, you can rest assured your order will be processed. It'll just take a little longer than everyone's used to.

In the same breath, Canada Post is facing the same difficulties. Some of their major DCs are clogged up and have some delays in delivering packages. They assured us that they're working hard to resolve the issues as well.

Thanks for staying supportive!

[April 17th] New stock is slowly trickling in from our suppliers. Open orders older than 10 days should be able to be fulfilled in the next week.

[April 12th] Happy Easter everyone! Today, we received good news from our friends at GrooveWasher, saying that they'll be getting back in business slowly in a couple of days. We refreshed our order with them and hope new stock will arrive next week.

[April 8th] We've established connections with almost all the labels we have on the site. Please keep in mind that, due to the different delivery schedules, we might not be able to keep our normal 5-10 business days promise for shipping.

[April 5th] In an effort to keep business running as usual as possible, we've reached out to several distribution channels and are happy to report that we're able to get about 50-60% of records within a reasonable amount of time. 

Orders that are currently on hold might be shipping by the end of this week or early next week.

We're still working on the remaining 40-50%.

If you're looking for specific records that are currently not in stock, please do reach out to us via email so we can check with the distributors if we can get your order in sooner rather than later.

[April 2nd] Our main supplier just updated us with their situation. The province of Ontario extended the closure for non-essential businesses to April 13th, so at least until that date, we will not be getting any new stock.

[March 26th] The province of Saskatchewan has mandated that all non-essential businesses have to close with some exceptions. 

Effective March 26, non-allowable business services will be unable to provide public-facing services. While closure of non-allowable business services prevents certain businesses from providing public facing services, it does not preclude opportunities for non-allowable business services to expand into online retailing, or providing pick-up or delivery services.

In other words: We're still open for business. Please see March 24th's update.

[March 25th] We're suspending the Purolator service until further notice. Shipping will only be available through Canada Post for the time being.

[March 24th] The province of Ontario and Quebec have mandated non-essential business to shut down, which means the distributors we do business with are all closed as of today.

You can still place your orders for new records and accessories, but they can't be fulfilled until Ontario and Quebec are back in business, which, by the looks of it, would be mid-April (until further notice).

We will still be processing orders for items in stock and used records until the Saskatchewan government also mandates us to shut down.

[March 23rd] GrooveWasher's HQ is in Kansas City. The mayor of Kansas mandated the closure of non-essential business, which includes GrooveWasher. Between March 23rd and April 24th, there will be no shipping of GrooveWasher products.

[March 22nd] We will continue business as usual until further notice. We're taking every precaution to stop the spread of the virus, which means where possible, our team will be working from home (which they did most of the time already anyway). Before we pack up orders, we make sure our hands are clean, to name some examples.

However, there is a possibility that our supply chain will encounter delays because most of the new records and accessories are made either in the US or overseas.

We're putting a hold on buying used collections for the time being for obvious reasons. We'll keep adding records from our archive, but they might not be that rare gem you're waiting for (but who knows?).

Our packages are still being processed by Canada Post and Purolator, but we may delay shipments to limit traffic at the post office.
Because it's rapidly changing, please keep an eye on the Canada Post and Purolator websites as well.

We'll keep you posted!

While you're in self-isolation, keep spinning records and check out our new podcast. It's still rough around the edges, so feedback is very welcome!

Stay safe, wash your hands keep enjoying the music. We'll get through this!

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