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Typhoon - Offerings (2LP, Limited Edition)

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Offerings is the fourth studio album by the American indie rock band Typhoon. It was released in January 2018. This was the second studio album released under Roll Call Records.

Morton described the album as being broken into four movements: Floodplains, Flood, Reckoning, and Afterparty. In a promotional tweet, the band describes the album as:

It's a record from the perspective of a mind losing its memory at precisely the same time the world is willfully forgetting its history. The urgent question becomes: without causality, without structures of meaning, without essential features of rational thought, is there anything that can save us from violence/oblivion?

With no past and no future, there is only suffocating, annihilating, present, looping on and on ad infinitum (to me, one plausible definition of hell) and the best you can hope for is that somewhere in the void there exists some small, irreducible certainty—a fragment, a kernel, something—that you may have the good fortune to stumble upon before it's all over.

You know, a boy/girl-meets-girl/boy-everyone-dies-in-botched-attempt-at-neo-pagan-sacrificial-ritual-on-global-scale kind of thing.

Release Info

Artist: Typhoon
Label: Roll Call Records
Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition
Country: USA & Europe
Label: Roll Call Records
Released: 2018-01-12
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock


A1 Wake
A1 Rorschach
A1 Empiricist
A1 Algernon
A2 Unusual
A2 Beachtowel
A2 Remember
A2 Mansion
B1 Coverings
B1 Chiaroscuro
B1 Darker
B1 Bergeron
B1 Ariadne
B2 Sleep

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