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Steve Jensen / Brent Braidwood - Funky Moose Promo (Limited Edition, 7", Numbered)

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This record is to promote Canadian artists by giving it away for free with orders with a value of $99 or more. (Conditions below)

This record contains 2 artists from British Columbia. The genre would be considered Britpop, much comparable to The Beatles (heck, Steve's album was mastered at Abbey Road Studios).

Limited to 100 copies, all hand-numbered.

The bios the gentlemen provided:

Brent Braidwood:
"Braidwood clearly wears his influences well, such as The Beatles, Nick Lowe, Matthew Sweet, Squeeze, Nilsson, Emitt Rhodes, The Odds, cheezy 60’s pop, Klaatu, Ian Gomm, innumerable one-hit wonders, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Marshall Crenshaw, Queen, and many, many more.
Braidwood brings 40 years of musical experience to the table. Like a perfectly aged wine, his songs have mellowed into fine & fun, highly melodic pieces of classic-style pop-rock ready to pour. It’s clear Braidwood understands melody and pop song construction, with strong melodies and lyrics that are clever and catchy. Well crafted melodic rock tailored to a more discerning, mature audience. As a singer-songwriter, Braidwood’s songs fall within the classic pop-rock genre, but stylistically, they’re pretty varied — a little bit of something for everyone."

What led me to write "Rest Of The Day"? It was basically a reply to an old girlfriend for her to "take me as I am". Money, or the lack of it at the time, was one of the central issues. But whatever the problems may have been, I swiped a remedy from the song "Sexual Healing" ... hence, the "we'll be rolling around, no more lonely and down for the day" in the last line in my song.

What are my future plans? Well, the standard response — at least from the honest ones — is to become rich and famous. However, if I had to be satisfied with only one or the other of those two options, I'd go for rich. And either rich or famous might not be as important as just plain old recognition of the merits of my craft. And I use the word "craft" intentionally. "Art" seems a little too pretentious for my taste, n'est-ce pas? But if one can truly be considered an artist, then it is perhaps such a one who is more truly deserving of both riches and fame.

Steve Jensen:
His Debut Album "Steve Jensen" was recorded at TML Studios in Vancouver by Producer, Engineer, Terry Lafleur. With amazing seasoned musicians on board such as Randall Stoll on Drums /KD Lang, Shania Twain. David Stone on Keys/ Max Webster/Rainbow. Mastered at the famous Beatles recording studio in London, Abbey Road!
This Summer, Steve and his lovely wife were promoting this highly respected Album on a Cross Country trip across Canada, putting his Album as CD and Vinyl into Canadian record stores, in all the major cities.
Steve's newest album /EP is currently being recorded at Fortissimo Sound in Vancouver by producer/guitarist for Bif Naked, Doug Fury.

Steve can be seen at various venues in the Greater Vancouver area with his rocking and entertaining band, UNDERFIRE at The Sundowner Pub in Delta, Kennedys' Pub in Delta, Shooters Rock bar in Maple Ridge,
Branch #263 Coquitlam RCL, Branch #6 Cloverdale RCL, The Artful Dodger Pub in Langley.

Ron Scott (retired Promotion Marketing executive EMI MUSIC CANADA)
"Truly pop confections, the melodies and lyrics are so catchy, they remind me of the clever bits of The Beatles when Radio and 45rpm singles ruled the roost when it came to the explosion known as the British Invasion. This is a perfect album for a Saturday or Sunday play; it's full of quirks and hooks that will engage your brain and body. There's magic in this music! It's a well-produced, not overproduced wall of sound."


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