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GrooveWasher GSR Super Rinse 32 oz Bottle

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Use GSR Super Rinse as your second step after cleaning the record with our G3 Record Cleaning Fluid. It's "wetter than water" with super-low viscosity to break the surface tension and reach the bottom of the microgroove.

Super Rinse features *laboratory-grade purified water with a minute amount of a specially formulated wetting agent for deeper groove penetration than distilled water alone can provide. 

Use GSR Super Rinse for the rinsing step after the G2 or G3 Fluid cleaning step. Excellent for both record cleaning machines and manual cleaning methods.

  • Carbon Filtered
  • Deionizing Primary Filter
  • Deionizing Finishing Filter
  • Ultraviolet Treated

GrooveWasher GSR Super Rinse is formulated and made by GrooveWasher in North Kansas City, MO, USA. 

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