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Émoi - Willy's Wonderland (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (LP, Album, Limited Edition, Stereo)

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Release Info

Artist: Émoi
Label: Filmtrax
Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Stereo
Country: US
Label: Filmtrax
Released: 2021
Genre: Electronic, Stage & Screen
Style: Dark Ambient, Synthwave, Soundtrack


1 Introduction
2 Road to Hayesville
3 Ozzie the Ostrich
4 Clap Your Hands
5 The Birthday Song
6 Hallway to Hell
7 The Janitor
8 Gus the Gorilla
9 We're All Friends
10 Pinball Romance
11 The Bathroom From Hell
12 Super Happy Fun Room
13 Arty Alligator
14 It Never Bothered You Before
15 Siren Sara
16 What's Lund Divided By Two?
17 The Birthday Song and Willy's Jingle [Paul N.J. Ottosson Acid Remix]
1 The Willy's Jingle [1984 TV Commercial]
2 Willy's Wonderland
3 The Birthday Song [Scary Version]
4 Six Little Chickens
5 The Death Anthem
6 Head Shoulders Knees Toes
7 Knighty Knight
8 Cammy Chameleon
9 A Dark History
10 In Town We Knew What Was Happening
12 Willy Weasel
13 The Janitor and Liv

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