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AM Record Cleaner Box Set

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  • Includes the original record cleaner, an anti-static brush, stylus cleaner and lint free
    cotton cloth. The non-abrasive solution and anti-static brush gently and efficiently
    remove dust, dirt and static build-up from your vinyl collection. Keep your pick-up
    sounding clean with the stylus brush.
  • The AM Record Cleaner Set features quick and effective vinyl cleaning solutions that
    no record owner should be without. Essential cleaning, stabilizing and anti-static
    treatment for your vinyl records and pick-up.
  • The specially formulated non-abrasive AM Record Cleaner and Anti-Static Vinyl Brush safely and efficiently lift dust, dirt and static build-up from your vinyl collection, while the AM Stylus Brush removes dust, grit and particles worn from the stylus tip.

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