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Funky Moose Logo Shirt
Randy Gallicano
Very nice.

I have worn the shirt and I like it. Even had a compliment on it.

Great Product and Prompt Service

These inner-sleeves are every bit as good as the Mo-fi sleeves I am in the habit of purchasing. My local outlets were out of stock so it was a relief to find them available at Funky Moose Records. The sleeves arrived in short order. The online buying experience was smooth and went without a hitch. Mark, the owner sent a short video expressing his company's gratitude for my patronage. There is no doubt, Funky Moose Records have created a loyal return customer in the form of lil' old me.

"Very Satisfied"


Thanks Rachel! Much appreciated. Let us know if you have any other products you're looking for!

One of those albums without a weak song. It was great 25 years ago and it’s still great today.

Joni Mitchell - The Hissing Of Summer Lawns (LP, Album, Gat, Used)
Roselle Blenke

Record was in great condition!!

The Jonah Jones Quartet - Jumpin' With Jonah (LP, Album, Mono, Used)
Ray Martel

Hard to believe this joyful, toe-tappin', crystal-sounding LP is over 60 years old. Reconfirms why I love to buy vinyl from the 50s and 60s, and Funky Moose grades used wax more than fairly; this is at least my sixth or seventh purchase with them, and the playback quality of the multiple LPs I got in this latest batch again surpasses the grading Funky Moose advertised at the outset. How refreshing to deal with people who aren't out to slip a fast one past you. Merci, mes amis!

A lot of my wife's favorite songs from David Bowie

What a great album. This was the soundtrack to my twenties. Still holds up!

Great shape on delivery. Thank you Funky Moose Records!

Wipes are easy to use, and economical. They removed years of residue/fingerprints and didn't leave any residue behind. Fast drying. Great product for quick cleaning.

received an excellent product

Bearfoot - Friends With (LP, Album, Used)
Peter Leronowich

An album from my youth. Features exceptional song writer Dwayne Ford. Pity this Canadian band didn't take off as they only came out with one more album. Great album got at a great price. Funky Moose Records definitely made me a return customer.

Easily and safely cleans the stylus. I haven't used it much in the short time since I received it, but I'm happy with the product.

Yes they work as advertised

Perfect holder for the cleaning products.

This works really well, records look great after I've used it. Also, nice customer service . Delivery was delayed, but they updated me along the way.

Great stoner metal. Change of pace when you don't want something frantic.

I’ve used this product for years. Gets the worst grime and marks from my records. You will notice an amazing improvement in sound!

Great album! Really got the Hips career rolling. I'm a return customer because the service and selection of new and used vinyl is excellent. These guys care about their customers.

As advertised

Dee Clark - Keep It Up (LP, Comp, Used)
Larry Stefano

Happy with the lp

Shakin' Stevens And The Sunsets - Shakin' Stevens And The Sunsets (LP, Album, RE, CBS, Used)
Larry Stefano


This sweatshirt is high quality not the junk some people on You Tube peddle. I will now make it my civic duty as a vinyl American and cheesehead to wear it at Brewers, Packers, Bucks games, my kids soccer games, parent/teacher conferences, my local gas station, bar and grill any other venues not mentioned... in order to promote this AWESOME company. We need more vendors like this out there. Their service is high class and top shelf

Album arrived well packaged and undamaged. The version I received was the black and red marbled vinyl version. Very cool! A bit of a departure from Sturgills' last album but still great. Some have described it as ZZ Top on acid. It's very rocky for sure! Keep up the good work FunkyMoose!

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