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Great music
Has many of their hits

Excellent products, service, & delivery time

I ordered inner & outer sleeves, good quality, and quickly came all the way from Saskatchewan to small town Ontario. Way faster than online records ordered from Toronto to me a mere 100 miles away!!


Exactly what I ordered. Funky moose records was very helpful with everything

Excellent Turntable!

I couldn’t be happier! The bluetooth works great and has surprising range. Everything came in perfect condition, and was easy to set-up. I did have to check some You-tube videos for balancing the toner arm, however this was easy to find info right from Audio Technica, and if you’ve had a good turntable before you probably wouldn’t need it. I only wish it would stop spinning when the record was over, but I’ll get over it… Mark from Funky Moose was awesome throughout!

Gift card

Very quick and easy. Opted to use Canva to make it pretty for the recipient.

A T I -- A Dying Art

Strong album . No complaints with either side & the black / smash vinyl looks great . Canadian punk is alive & well ! Worth the extra wait & would highly recommend .

Groove Products

Excellent record protection

Kate Bush - Never For Ever (Reissue, Remastered)

Great version of this fantastic album from Kate Bush. Sleeve and album quality are incredible by the Fish People. Great service from Moose Records.

Good stuff bys

Got my record, bit slow with covid but perfect conditions

Travis Scott

Bro I was so sick worth it. Now just need a record player

uberlight flex

Light was amazing quality and works fantastic, staff was great and delivery was fast. I definitely recommend ordering from funky moose. thank you very much.

Led lighting stereo bench lighting

Great little light appears really well made and easy to install with no space lost to a large base. Looks and light level is 5 star. Delivery was quick and packaging was very well done. Great job from the folks at Funky Moose!

GrooveWasher MONDO Record and Stylus Care Kit

A true classic!

This is a wonderful album and I am so please with the quality and the condition was mint when I received it. Most importantly it sounds amaaaaaazing.

Excellent, ergonomic and gentle stylus cleaning

This is the best stylus cleaning kit I have ever encountered — great for removing the usual irritants like dust and lint and pet hair, but also for cleaning your valuable stylus free of the manufacturing schmutz that comes in the grooves of many new records these days. The brush is genius — it has a nice long, curved handle that is ergonomic for getting gently at the stylus and underside of the cartridge without some of the hand/tonearm contortions required to get at the same area with the dinky brush in most kits. The fibres are soft but dense, a combination that is able to clean very effectively with one gentle swipe. And the cleaning solution is also great, hasn’t failed me yet. Having tried several kits, I can say without hesitation that this is my favourite to date.

GrooveWasher SC1 Stylus Cleaning Kit

Great product

Great product

seems ok

only tried it a couple of times it seems to work

Long distance Orders

I purchased 2 Funky Moose Hoodies as a post Christmas funky gift for my two Daughters who live in remote Devon in the Uk. The order was completed and delivered to their separate addresses with no problem as indeed orders have been to my home in Ontario. Not just Funky but efficient!!


Reminds me of discwasher of the 70's

Great Product, Great Service

Good overall value for a product that is very highly recommended by vinyl enthusiasts.

wow this is product works

I was doing some research on about different record cleaners on the market and decided to try GrooveWasher,
After reading some glowing reviews on this product,
I thought I would try it out.
So far it had worked well on a few records I had bought that were new records.
One had a bit of skipping problem on one track even After I cleaned with my old way old cleaning new vinyl.
After using Grovewasher it seem to do the trick, what ever was on the new vinyl it cleaned it well.
Also clean a few used records with they came out sounding better.
A sold product , would buy it again .

Awesome Service!

Record is a great listen!

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