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The gatefold came in good condition and so did the records! There’s a smudge on the a and b sides but it still plays fine.

Northern Royals - Northern Royals (EP, 180 gram, 45RPM, Gold Splatter)

Excellent album. Looking forward to more material.

A Very Solid Rocker

4 Stars for a five song EP. Northern Royals have come out of the gate with a very solid debut EP. They have the vision and drive to be very well known. On this EP you will hear a band that not only plays tight but they play with a true commitment. Their sound is a modern take on seventies era straight up rock. There is nothing pretentious here, but there is plenty of crunch and grit.

Super Excited

I bought this light for my 94 year old mother who is in a nursing home she loves to make puzzles but often said there were time when she couldn't see shades of colors so with this light she has it on all the time and makes for a very even and consistent light. She is super excited that she can do puzzles anytime of the day. And she said it is way easyier on her eyes and not so tireing. She loves it she ssid now she can make more puzzles. Thanks

Northern Royals EP

Bought this based on the Channel 33 RPM youtube review. Great EP and sounds incredible on my system. Funky Moose! \m/

Northern Royals

Fast shipping & the record was fantastic. Packaged well, looked great, well done.

Thank you!


I dig the Northern Royals!!! Great album and has been spending considerable time spinning around on my turntable. I very much look forward to their next release. Bravo!!!

Great record!

Love this record all the way through, my favourite Blue Rodeo album!


It’s a great album but it’s not even listed on Discogs yet


I love my Twelve Years Today T-shirts and hoodies. They are well made and feel so soft. I would definitely by more from Funky Moose.

Very nice hoodie

Nice quality hoodie and it was delivered very fast. I recommend it!

The New Hip

Great EP FOOLS is my favourite track on this one. Expecting big things from these guys. I can't wait for a full length album.

Vinylwipe - Disposable record cleaning wipes

Good product. Worked well to clean and remove mildew and grime from an old classical vinyl record I found at Salvation Army. Removed fingerprints and left the surface shiny and clean and the album plays and sounds great.


All in all it’s a great product when you need a quick vinyl clean and not having to bring out the other more cumbersome methods

Northern Royals - Northern Royals (EP, 180 gram, 45RPM, Gold Splatter)

Dire Straits: On Every Street

Repeated cleanings required. Terribly dirty with lint, straight out of the wrapping. Otherwise, not too bad.

Classic Bowie

One of the best


Best quality light on the market. Very happy with the light. Extremely happy with the delivery time and cost.

Kanto YU6 Powered Speakers with Bluetooth and Phono Preamp

We enjoyed the music but it was WAY too loud for that tiny hall. it bounced around and off of the walls with nothing to absorb it. Our ears actually hurt for days afterward
That volume would have been great at an outside venue. We were glad that you made the effort to have the show and after nothing has been happening for so long, it was great to have something to go to! ♡

Thanks for the feedback, Kathy! We've passed it on to our sound guys. Next year will most likely be an outdoor event with more space! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Good music!! Fun time!

Thank for coming Tamala! Good times were had :)

A Great time was had!

The process for buying the tickets was pretty straight forward and simple. They arrived in my email promptly and I had no troubles using them at the event.

Moosefest itself was blast! We've never been up to Bellevue before but for an event like this we will definitely be back!

Thanks for coming, Betty Jo! Hopefully, we'll see you again next year!

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