Monthly Canadian vinyl subscription service

About the subscription model

Discovering new music is a bit of a passion of mine, especially when it's good music. I'd love to share the music I find with you, on a regular basis.

This service is still very much in the planning stages, so changes will be made, but here's the idea in short:

I looked at other vinyl subscription services in other countries, and I came to the conclusion that a record in the mail that you can get anywhere is not interesting, so I started exploring the option to press my own records. Limited runs, good-looking and sounding records and beautiful artwork. That's where I want to be.

Now that the idea is clear, I'm working on numbers, because, although I love getting this up and running, I'm not planning to lose money on this project.

A few things that I've cleared in my head:

  • I will press compilation records with about 10 songs by Canadian indie artists, every month.
  • Artwork will be done by Canadian visual artists
  • Pressing will be done by Precision Pressing OR Microforum (both in Canada)
  • Mastering will be done by The Lacquer Channel to ensure a consistent quality output.

I've created a brand new page for the project, which outlines the model in a little more detail. Obviously, some aspects are missing, like the "previous editions" section and the information as a whole is subject to change, but the meat of the service is there.

Please use the contact box on that page for inquiries. If you want to help mould the service by submitting your music, your artwork, financial support (to cut the costs on shipping in exchange for advertising, for example) or if you just thought of a great idea. Please contact Funky Moose Records. Let's make this awesome.

Sweet. Sign me up!

Not so fast. I don't have anything to sell yet. Please sign up with your email address via the link below, and I'll keep you in the loop of what we're doing.

Sign up here.


(note: this service is still in infancy stage. Information may/will change based on user input)

Funky Moose Records monthly vinyl subscription service.

  • About the subscription
  • Exclusive releases
  • Non-exclusive releases
  • The VIP store
  • The swap
  • Curation
  • Shipping orders
  • Returns
  • Timeline
  • Sign up

About the subscription

After subscribing, you will receive a package in the mail every month. In that package, you’ll get the monthly pick of either a Funky Moose Exclusive release or a non-exclusive release (explained below). Styles will be divided into separate boxes, starting with a rock box (simply because it's the most popular genre). You’re guaranteed to discover something new on a regular basis, as we try to keep the boxes a mix of popular and more unknown content.

We'll try to add a Canadian release in every box, however, this is not guaranteed.

Exclusive releases

These are releases that are only available to our subscribers. These releases will not be released by the artist or label elsewhere and are often pressed on coloured vinyl or have an exclusive jacket.

Note: This will not be available in the initial release of the service, simply because we won't have the buying power to make exclusive releases happen yet.

Non-exclusive releases

These are releases that you can buy elsewhere. However, we negotiated pricing, so that you’re guaranteed a great deal.

The VIP store

This is where past releases live. Let’s say you signed up in June, and missed out on the May release. The VIP store will have the June release available for you (unless it’s completely sold out).

The swap

Every month, about a week before we ship out your monthly box, you’ll receive an email with what we’re going to ship to you. You can share this on social media if you like. If it’s a release that’s completely not your taste, or you somehow already have a copy, you can swap out your month’s pick with something from the VIP store. Contact us with the details to make this happen.


We’re working hard with labels to get the best releases out to you on a monthly basis. We created a curation team that judges each proposed release to see if it’s worthy of being released in our subscription. Want to join the panel? Send us an email.

Shipping orders

Monthly orders will be shipped before the 10th of each month, so there will be a maximum of a 10-day gap between your payment and the actual shipping. This has everything to do with credit card fraud checking, possible chargebacks and simple logistics. Haven’t received a shipment notification after the 10th? Please contact us to find out what went wrong.

If you want to receive the release for next month, make sure you sign up before the end of the current month.


Before we ship your monthly order, you have the chance to change it. After your order shipped, the following return policy applies:

  • If the record is still sealed: You can return it and you’ll get refunded for the record. You pay the shipping costs.
  • If the record is opened: You can NOT return this record.
  • If the record is opened but the record is damaged: You can return it for a full refund, including shipping (subject to inspection by Funky Moose Records)


This is a timeline of the milestones we've reached.

  • April 4th, 2016 - The concept of the plan is laid out
  • April 6th, 2016 - Edmonton-based label Sometimes music is on board
  • October 1st, 2016 - Calgary based record pressing plant and recording studio Canada Boy Vinyl/Magnetic North is on board