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Monthly Canadian vinyl subscription service

About the subscription model

Discovering new music is a bit of a passion of mine, especially when it's good music. I'd love to share the music I find with you, on a regular basis.

This service is still in the early stages, so changes will be made, but here's the idea in short:

The end-goal is to support Canadian bands in getting their music on vinyl. The initial subscription service will be a curated selection of available records, until there are enough subscribers to make a pressing run happen for a local artist.

Once that's realized, I have a few standards:

  • The records in the subscription boxes, pressed through Funky Moose Records are going to be limited to our subscribers. If we have 150 subscribers, 150 records (+ a few extra to replace defects) will be pressed on coloured vinyl.
  • If no artwork is provided by the artist, the artwork will be done by Canadian visual artists
  • Pressing will be done by Precision Pressing OR Microforum OR Kaneshii (all in Canada)
  • Mastering will be done by The Lacquer Channel to ensure a consistent quality output.

I've created a brand new page for the project, which outlines the model in a little more detail. Obviously, some aspects are missing, like the "previous editions" section and the information as a whole is subject to change, but the meat of the service is there.

Please use the contact box on that page for inquiries. If you want to help mould the service by submitting your music, your artwork, financial support (to cut the costs on shipping in exchange for advertising, for example) or if you just thought of a great idea. Please contact Funky Moose Records. Let's make this awesome.

Sweet. Sign me up!

A pilot phase has been started. Please click here to read more information about it.

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