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The Sit Down 1 - Pilot

We've been walking around with the idea for a while and one evening we just said: "screw it, let's do it". We grabbed a camera, a couple of microphones and sat down to talk about music. This is the result of that.

A few notes:
Yes, there's an annoying hum in one of the microphones. We'll fix that in the next video.
We had some issues with "audio drift", where the video plays back faster than the audio we recorded, so it's not synchronized properly here and there. We're going to fix that too.
The intro is too long (which was an afterthought). We'll come up with something shorter.
Volume isn't cranked up. We'll fix that too.
Because we didn't script any of it there are silences and a lot of "uhm"... We'll try to fix that 😉

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