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Vacancy at the Grammys – Grammy CEO Deborah Dugan Fired

Vacancy at the Grammys – Grammy CEO Deborah Dugan Fired

Deborah Dugan is no longer the President/CEO of the Grammy Awards, according to a letter conveying the formal decision of The Recording Academy. This follows weeks of legal battles between Ms. Dugan and the Academy.

Allegations of Misconduct

Ms. Dugan’s firing follows allegations of misconduct in her office. According to the letter, Ms. Dugan was fired for “allegations made against her and by her, and two costly investigations relating to her misconduct.”

Before her firing, Ms. Dugan was placed on administrative leave just 10 days before the launch of the Grammys Award on 26th January. In response, Ms. Dugan filed several accusations against the academy. Among other things, she accused the Grammys of being rigged and faulted the board members for engaging in suspicious financial transactions.

Ms. Dugan did not receive any settlement in spite of talks regarding the same. It is unclear whether the Academy will be making any settlements. However, it seems highly unlikely since the board is of the opinion that this would set a precedent for bad behavior among future CEOs. Ms. Dugan has not issued any statement regarding her firing, and it is unclear what her next step will be.

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