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The Struts Collaborate with Strokes Guitar Player Albert Hammond Jr.  For New Single

The Struts Collaborate with Strokes Guitar Player Albert Hammond Jr. For New Single

Exciting news comes from the rock world as The Struts collaborated with Strokes’ guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. for their new single “Another Hit of Showmanship”.

Photo Credit: NME

The song is a tribute to the rock revival that occurred on both sides of the Atlantic that occurred in the early 2000’s.


Struts’ singer Luke Spiller further explains his inspiration for the song’s lyrics and the collaboration in general.


“‘Another Hit of Showmanship’ reminds me of being at a club night called Ramshackle years ago at the O2 Academy in Bristol, where they’d play bands like the Libertines and Razorlight and Scissor Sisters, and of course the Strokes. I hit up Albert out of the blue and told him, ‘We’ve got this song, and I’m so excited to see what you would do with it.’ As soon as he got his hands on it, he took it to a whole different level — it really just shows why he’s so brilliant at what he does.”


The song is an upbeat, poppy rock number with catchy hooks. Hammond lends his signature guitar style playing jangly arpeggios and riffs throughout the tune as well as some tasteful leads. His guitar playing accompanies lyrics like,


“All I need is another hit/All I need is another little bit/All I need is another hit of showmanship and I will be alright,” Spiller sings on the track “It gets me and the night never end/But it’s getting harder to mend.


The single is the first new music to come from The Struts since the release of their 2018 LP Young and Dangerous. Spiller explains that it marks a bit of a change in direction for the band stating,


“‘Another Hit of Showmanship’ is a true relentless melodic jangle that is a brilliantly unique ‘tip of the hat’ to bands that we all grew up on as individuals. A fresh new take on bands from the early Noughties, which in my opinion, was the last great wave of rock music from both sides of the pond. Its quality lies within its simplicity.  Musically, it’s definitely not as complex as things we have done in the past, but that’s probably why it’s as hooky as it is!”


The Struts are based out of Derby, Derbyshire England. The band was formed by singer Luke Spiller and fellow Derbyshire musicians. They are known for bringing back a nostalgic sort of ‘real rock n’ roll’ and have often been compared to bands like Queen and The Rolling Stones as well as newer artists like The Darkness, My Chemical Romance and, of course, the Strokes. Like so many artists, they are currently on hiatus but they do have some tour dates booked for 2021.

In the meantime, you can check out the “Another Hit of Showmanship” on all streaming platforms. Let us know what you think.

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