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The Strokes share weird video for their new single

The Strokes share weird video for their new single

The Strokes shared pretty weird music video.

The Strokes

Last week, at their Bernie Sanders rally performance at New Hampshire the Strokes did not only boost up Sanders' popularity, but they also did it for themselves too. The band has been in the spotlight since the rally performance, particularly the singer Julian Casablancas' act of singing 'New York City Cops' next to a police officer.

Strokes did use this and announce a new album at that show while premiering a few of the new tracks, including 'At the Door.'

Yesterday (February 18th) the Strokes released another song off The New Abnormal, titled 'Bad  Decisions', combined with a video directed by Andrew Donoho and starring the band. The song is a pretty classical Strokes song with an eighties new wave pop flavor. on the other side, the video looks more like it came out of the seventies. It looks like a commercial for the Strokes clones. Needles to say, it ends on a pretty bizarre note.

The New Abnormal is out on April 10th via Cult and RCA. It was produced by Rick Rubin and the cover features art by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bird on Money, writes Rolling Stone.

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