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The Strokes are Back

The Strokes are Back

New York City bad boys, The Strokes are back announcing the upcoming release of their new album The New Abnormal due on April 10 via Cult/RCA records. This will be their first full length album to come out in seven years. It will be released on CD, DD and vinyl.

So far, the band has released two songs from the album. The first single, Bad Decisions is currently getting radio play and can be described as paying homage to some of their earlier work which is good news for OG fans. It has a backdrop of thumping drums married with Julian Casablanca’s dreamy vocal style and lyrics that are sure to get stuck in your head.  

The other song that has been released is called At the Door. It has been described as having a synthy atmospheric backdrop which plays well against the lead singer’s signature vox.

In the past year’s the band’s public appearances have been sporadic at best. They played several festival dates in 2017 but weren’t in the public eye again until 2019 when they played a benefit show in Los Angeles which was supposedly the kickoff of a comeback tour. The tour, however, met with many obstacles due to cancelled festivals and rained out shows.

2020, however, may be marking a new beginning for them. The band has been teasing audiences with several public appearances which kicked off with a Year’s Eve show in Brooklyn. It was during this show that Casablancas announced the coming of the new album saying, “Yeah, we’ve got a new album coming out soon. 2020 here we come. The 2010’s whatever the fuck they’re called, we took ‘em off. And now we’ve been unfrozen and we’re back.”

More recently, the five piece played a Bernie Sander rally where they debuted their new songs. This was followed up by scattered dates throughout Europe and North America. They played Vancouver last week and they have dates scheduled in Los Angeles and Seattle this week. These will be followed by tour dates and festival appearances in South America, Europe and North America.

The Stokes are an American rock band from New York City. Originally formed in 1998, they released their first album, Is This It in 2001. The album was met with widespread critical acclaim.

Since that initial release, the band has come out with four LP’s and one EP, Future Present Past, back in 2016. The New Abnormal will be The Stroke’s first release since then and first LP release since The Comedown Machine which came out in 2013.

The Stroke’s sound has been described as garage rock revival and post-punk revival. The media has referred to them as being “as influential to their era as the Velvet Underground or the Ramones were to theirs.” Here’s hoping this ‘stroke’ of luck continues to follow the band on their new tour and whatever they have planned next.

Photo Credit: Consequence of Sound

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