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Spotify Changes Rules to Lift 10,000 Song Cap on Music Streaming

The music industry can use all the help it can get. Spotify is doing its part by lifting the 10,000 song cap on music users can save in their libraries. This will give users access to more music while helping artists reach a broader audience.

 Image Credit: The Verge

Spotify is the most popular site for streaming music beating out Apple and Amazon with more than twice as many users than either service. However, users have been complaining about the limited amount of songs they can save and like. Spotify decided to help them out by giving them access to more music.


Previously, when users reached the 10,000 limit, they would be given a message saying, “Epic collection my friend. There’s no more room in Your Library. To save more, you’ll need to remove some songs or albums.”


Although that message may still appear for some users, once software is updated, that should no longer be a problem.


All Spotify users will now be able to like and save as many songs as they choose, no matter what type of service they have, free or premium. However, the number of the songs in their playlist will remain at 10,000. Premium users will still be able to download 10,000 songs on five different devices for offline listening.


In the past, Spotify was often criticized for their policies capping the number of songs users could save. Most notably, they were criticized by the online magazine, The Verge. The magazine released the following statement in reference to the message users got when they reached the 10,000 cap.


"That message essentially translates to “You’re using our product too hard, which is bad and untenable for a company aiming to create the one true music service. No collection should be too epic, and a 10,000-song library isn’t too epic for any of Spotify’s major rivals."


The updates Spotify made to its policies have made a lot of users happy. @adultmaletroll Tweeted, “Thank you! I have been craving this for years.”


Spotify is also excited by its updates. One of its developers, Felipe Carvalho has been helping the company make the move to increasing user likes. Yesterday he responded to a tweet a user had made in the past complaining about the old policy by saying, “This is no more. After today you can add as many songs as you like to your Liked Songs on @Spotify I’ve been working with a small team on the refactoring necessary to pull this off for a while now. Very happy to see this finally out.”


Clearly many people are happy with the changes Spotify has made. It’s great to see that a large corporation such as this one actually listens to its users to make updates that are moving things in the right direction.

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