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Snapchat’s New Music Feature May Pose a Threat to TikTok

Snapchat’s New Music Feature May Pose a Threat to TikTok

Yesterday Snapchat gave TikTok reason to worry when they announced they would begin testing a new feature that lets users set their snaps to music. This may pose a real threat as users have already been exploring alternative apps due to the Trump administration’s efforts to ban Chinese tech companies, like TikTok, due to privacy concerns.


Users who are concerned have already been looking into their options. As a result, apps like Byte, Triller, Dubsmash and Likee and more have climbed app store charts. Instagram is also getting in on the game launching a music-powered feature called Reels.


The feature Snapchat is looking to launch will allow users to add music pre or post-capture with the option to choose from a diverse music catalogue. The app has already partnered up with Warner Music Group, Warner Chappell, Universal Music Group, MNPA publisher members, Merlin and more to ensure that they will have a variety of music available.


When friends receive a Snap that has been set to music, they will be able to swipe up to view the album art, song, title and artist name. They will also have access to a ‘Play this Song’ link. When clicked, the app will open a web view to Linkfire that will allow users to listen to the full song on their preferred music channel with the option to use platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud.


In this way, Snapchat is taking their music feature to another level. As compared to TikTok, where clicking on the video clip’s sound link takes users to a page featuring other clips that have the same sound, Soundcloud will fully connect the user to the artist. However, despite the limited capabilities TikTok offers, it has still managed to launch breakout hits as users hunted down their favorite artists across the internet.


Despite the powerful influence TikTok has had in the past, Snapchat insists it provides a platform for users to form a deeper connection with artists and music. They also believe they will win points for promoting friend to friend connections, a feature that is valuable to the young fan base they appeal to.


Snapchat is definitely popular with a younger crowd reaching 90% of all 13 to 24 year olds in the U.S. beating out Facebook, Instagram and Messenger combined. It also reaches 75% of 13 to 34 year olds. Although TikTok has a larger international fan base, Snapchat claims to reach more U.S. users than Twitter and TikTok combined.


Snapchat released the following statement in regard to their new feature. “We’re constantly building on our relationships within the music industry, and making sure the entire music ecosystem — artists, labels, songwriters, publishers and streaming services — are seeing value in our partnerships.”


Snapchat plans to release its new feature to English speaking markets this fall. We can only wait to see the affects it will have on similar social media platforms.

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