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Savages' Jehnny Beth announces solo debut, shares new single single 'Flower'

Jehnny Beth announced her solo debut To Love Is to Live, and shared the second single titled 'Flower'. The album is out May 8th on Caroline Records.

Jehnny Beth

French singer starts her single quietly building the atmosphere up until the chorus explodes with her singing: “She loves me and I love her,” she declares. “I’m not sure how to please her.” On the other hand, instrumental provides a great background for Jehnny to shine with her vocal abilities.

“Life’s so strange,” Beth wrote on her Instagram. “Today is the day of my album announcement and I’m on a train to see my dad who’s spent the last two days in intensive care. I was supposed to be in L.A. to promote the album this week but decided to be with family instead.”

She continued: “When I started making this record all I could think about was the impermanence of life, that I had to do this before it’s too late, and here I am now sitting on a train telling you that my album is coming and it’s called TO LOVE IS TO LIVE. Today those words resonate more than ever. There isn’t really anything else in life, is it?

As Rollig Stone writes, To Love Is to Live is produced by Flood, producer of the upcoming Ed O'Brien's solo debut. Before Flowers, Beth shared 'I am the Man,' a song featured on the show Peaky Blinders. he song features spoken word intro by Cillian Murphy.

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