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Rob Zombie Debuts New Track “The Triumph of King Freak” Off His First Album in Five Years

Rob Zombie Debuts New Track “The Triumph of King Freak” Off His First Album in Five Years

There is no more appropriate way to kick off Halloween weekend than with new music from Rob Zombie. The shock rock and heavy metal artist has released “The Triumph of King Freak (A Crypt of Preservation and Superstition)” as the first single to come out off his upcoming album “The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy”. The LP will mark his seventh studio album and his first release in five years. It will be out on March 21, 2021 via Nuclear Blast.


The track is aggressive with a droning onslaught of guitar accompanied by tribal drums with some electronic elements thrown in. It also features a funky breakdown. As the song blasts on, Zombie chant/sings the lyrics:


“King Freak drinking blood in the arena

King Freak taste the vectors of disease

King Freak destroy you while you’re on your knees”


The release of the song is accompanied by a video that features footage of the band playing the song as well as vintage horror show clips. Zombie’s band is dressed up in ghoulish costumes. The video has a sepia toned old school vibe which is exactly what you’d expect of the rock star turned horror film maker turned rock star.


While you may have to wait a few months for the full album, you can buy the seven inch today. He is releasing the track on vinyl along with the B side “The Serenity of Witches”. The full album is available for preorder.


Lunar Injection will be Zombie’s first new album since “The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser” which came out in 2016. The new record was produced by Zuess who also produced Electric Warlock.


Since his last release, Zombie has been busy focusing on his film career. He released “31” in 2016. In 2019, he released “3 from Hell”, the final installment of his Firefly trilogy.


Those who have previewed the new album say you can look forward to high energy tunes like “The Eternal Struggles of the Howling Man” and “Get Loose” as well as groove oriented thumpers like “Shadow of the Cemetery Man” and “Shake Your Ass – Smoke Your Grass”.


Zombie had several live performance dates he was scheduled to play in 2020 but they have all been canceled due to the pandemic. His web site does not list any new dates for 2021, but with a new album out soon, they are sure to be coming.


Rob Zombie started playing music in New York clubs in 1985 with his band White Zombie. Since then he has developed into a solo artist, shock rock icon and horror filmmaker. He is a seven time Grammy nominee and he has sold fifteen million albums worldwide. He stands out as one of the only artists to reach high levels of success in both film and music. Eight of his films had a worldwide gross of over $150 million.


It’s great to see that Zombie is still going strong. We look forward to hearing more off the new album.

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