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Neil Young and Jim James Scheduled to Appear at Bernie Sanders Digital Rally

Neil Young and Jim James Scheduled to Appear at Bernie Sanders Digital Rally

The next Bernie Sanders rally is expected to be an exciting one music wise as Neil Young and Morning Jacket front man Jim James are scheduled to appear. Other musical talent includes retro-soul band The Free Nationals. Well known actress and political activist Daryl Hannah will also be making an appearance. Hannah is also married to Neil Young.

Image Credit: Rolling Stone

The event, which is dubbed Bernie 2020 Digital Rally, will be taking place on March 16 at 7 – 9  PM EST. Those interested in tuning in can do so via the Bernie Sanders web site. The rally is well timed to influence voters who will be going to the polls the next day in Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio.

The musicians supporting Sanders at his rally truly and fully back the candidate. Neil Young officially endorsed Sanders earlier this year when he wrote this on his web site, “I support Bernie because I listen to what he says. Every point he makes is what I believe in. Every one. In 2016, if Bernie had run instead of Hillary Clinton, I think we would not have the incompetent mess we have now.” He added, “I believe Bernie Sanders. I think Bernie Sanders is the Real Deal.”

Jim James also backs the Democratic candidate. Here’s what he has to say about Sanders, “There are so many of us that just want to find common ground with all living beings so that we can move forward together as a world to live in peace, good health, and equality. Bernie speaks and lives the truth and has worked his entire life fighting for truth and justice — bringing people together for the common good and that is why I believe he can help unite us now.”

Finally, here’s a quote from Kelsey Gonzalez of The Free Nationals. “His progressive positions on universal healthcare, immigration and education make him the clear choice for us in the primaries,” We’re looking forward to supporting him tomorrow.”

Other musicians who have been vocal in their support of Sanders include Ariana Grande, Jack White, Vampire Weekend, The Strokes, Bon Iver and Cardi B.

Digital rallies are becoming a more popular way for candidates to influence voters as the nation is on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Supporters and fans can watch safely from home without the fear of further spreading the virus.

Tonight’s event promises to be an exciting one no matter what candidate you are supporting. Tune in safely from home to check out the musical performances and learn more about the platforms Sanders is getting behind. 

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