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M.I.A. is ending her hiatus this week

M.I.A. is ending her hiatus this week

M.I.A. announced new material coming out this week


By sharing a mysterious post on her Instagram, M.I.A. announced a new project. This project will be her first studio album since 2016’s "AIM“, while her last major activity was on 2018’s documentary Matangi / Maya / M.I.A..

After the film released, M.I.A. said she no longer feels motivated to put out new music. She blamed it on censorship in the music industry and she added she had to "find another way.“

Caption on her Instagram post reads "NEW DECADE, NEW MIA, EXPLORING, PLANETS AND PLATFORMS, JOIN ME, JAN 31ST 2020“

After announcing her hiatus in 2018, M.I.A. avoided public appearances. As NME writes, she performed at an event in London, protesting the extradition of Wikileaks founder Jullian Assange.

Earlier this month she was awarded an MBE from Prince William at the Buckingham Palace. 

“Having received this medal means so much on so many levels,” M.I.A. on Instagram at the time. “My mother, a working-class refugee who received asylum in England in the Eighties, along with my cousin, are the only two women responsible for hand-stitching these medals for the palace.”

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