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Lee Ranaldo talks about Sonic Youth possible reunion

Lee Ranaldo talks about Sonic Youth possible reunion

Former Sonic Youth guitarist believes it is possible fr the band to reunite.

Lee Ranaldo

Lee Ranaldo is considering the chances of the legendary alternative indie band reuniting. The band was formed in 1981 and split in 2011 due to the divorce of the band's Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon.

When asked about the possibility of the band's reunion, Ranaldo said to NME“Your guess is as good as mine! I don’t think anybody’s thinking about it at the moment.”

“Within a period of four months, Thurston, Kim and I are releasing new records and pushing into new directions. But I’d never say never. It was a special time.”

Ranaldo continued: “I’d hope if we got together, we’d have forgotten how to play the old songs and just say: ‘Fuck it, let’s make new music instead’. That would be my preference rather than just trying to re-learn how to play ‘Teen Age Riot’.”

Ranaldo is releasing an album with Raul Refree called Names Of North End Women today (February 21). Moore released the album Spirit Counsel in September last year, while Gordon released her debut solo album No Home Record a month later.

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