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Lady Gaga to Launch Radio Show

Lady Gaga to Launch Radio Show

With her album Chromatica surging up the music charts, Lady Gaga is branching out in a new direction. She will be launching a radio show on Apple Music devoted to the dance music genre Chromatica represents. The show, Gaga Radio, will be premiering on the Apple platform on Friday, August 7 at 11 AM PST and there will be new episodes every Friday.

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Gaga released a statement regarding the show and the inspiration behind it. “The last few weeks I’ve been figuring out different ways at home that I can be of service to what I would call the singular global community, one that I believe to be kind in nature, one that I believe to be very special to my heart and I believe to the hearts of many. And so I’ve been thinking of all the ways that I can be someone that contributes to the society and the world. I’m super thrilled, excited to have this show and this opportunity to play an incredible mix of music every week.”


Gaga’s first guest of the show will be Chromatica producer BloodPop. The following episodes will feature conversations with dance music DJ’s, divas and producers. A new, exclusive deejay mix of a Gaga song will also be featured every week.


Gaga has released a preview clip advertising the show in which she discusses how her new album has helped her on an emotional level.


Chromatica for me, was the portal that you and I opened in the studio where we would open the portal and I’d go, ‘OK, talent, creativity, voice from above, sign from above, come inside me, tell me what to say, tell me what to do,’ and most all of it was what I was truly feeling,” Gaga says while speaking with BloodPop in the first episode. “There was really only two things that could happen to me on any given day. I could either write a song and you’d be there to capture it, or I’d be upstairs on the porch and I wouldn’t write the song. I would just stare into the open sky and chain smoke cigarettes and cry.”


Lady Gaga’s album has definitely set the world on fire. Just weeks into its release, it was dubbed the “fastest selling album of 2020” with over 53,000 copies sold in the opening week alone.


It was critically acclaimed by Variety magazine who wrote, “Song for song it’s her best yet. She sounds like she knows exactly who she is, what she wants to say and how she wants to say it.”


Rolling Stone magazine wrote, “Her pop renaissance couldn’t come at a better time,” while The Independent noted her “anthems of self-doubt, self-reflection and self-reclamation.”


Following that success, Gaga is branching out with a radio show that will celebrate her new album and the direction she is taking her music in. With a history of turning everything she touches to gold, we can only wait to see where this new venture will take her.

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