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Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Releases Today and Gives the World Just What It Needs

Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Releases Today and Gives the World Just What It Needs

It has been a long time coming but today is the day! Lady Gaga’s much-anticipated LP ‘Chromatica’ has been released to the public.

 Image Credit: Perez Hilton

Chromatica was originally set to release on April 10 but due to COVID related issues, it has been delayed by over a month and a half. Critics and fans believe the 16-track album was well worth the wait. It is her first release since Artpop which came out some seven years ago.


The album can be described as having a synthy, dance-pop vibe. Stand out songs include Stupid Love, Rain on Me (which also features Ariana Grande) and Sour Candy with Blackpink. All these songs have been previously released as singles.


Another noteworthy collaboration is Sine From Above featuring none other than Sir Elton John.


Although most of the album was written pre-pandemic, anyone listening can tell how relevant it is during these difficult times. Rain on Me, in particular, sends a message that we should be thankful for what we have.


Other songs that stand out include Fun Tonight which focuses on the disconnection between Gaga as a celebrity and her personal feelings. 1000 Doves is a song of salvation which doubles as a great platform for her vocals. 911 is a terrific robo dance number which could almost make fans miss the lyrical content which explores the pop star’s previous struggle with substance abuse.


Gaga is known for being innovative and has stepped out with many faces over the course of her career. Chromatica does not take us in any new directions, but rather provides some swelling instrumental interludes and catchy choruses. And of course, through it all, Gaga’s exceptional vocals and masterful songwriting skills shine through.


The star celebrated the release of the album by personally delivering copies to certain retailers in a Fed Ex truck. This led to a few gag complaints to the Fed Ex company. One woman posted a picture of Gaga in the truck while tweeting the message ".@FedEx @FedExHelp this woman almost hit me while driving down my block delivering packages for you. I wrote her plates down just in time.. it read “PSSYWGN” please do something immediately,"


Another fan joined in the fun posting "This same woman threw a package at my head and called me the f word!" 


This all would have been great fun and games if Fed Ex hadn’t taken the complaints seriously responding to both women with heartfelt messages asking for more details of the incidents. Well, at least we know they’re on top of it…well, sort of anyway.


Chromatica features several producers including BloodPop, Tchami, Max Martin, Sophie, Justin Tranter and Boyz Noise. The star says she let as many producers work on her album as she could. "Literally nobody cared who put their fingerprints on it, as long as it was the dopest thing that we could give the world and that it was meaningful, authentic and completely me,” she says.


Despite some emotional moments, Chromatica is just the feel good album we need to get us through a difficult summer. Download it, stream if or buy a copy to put a smile on your face. Also available in different color vinyl!

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