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Kanye Runs for President

Kanye Runs for President

People everywhere are still in shock after hearing the announcement that Kanye West is stepping into the ring as a Presidential candidate. The singer made his intentions public on Saturday, the 4th of July with the following tweet which he posted around 9 PM EST.


"We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States.” He completed the tweet with an American flag emoji and the hashtag #2020VISION.


Kanye has been involved in politics throughout the years and has been a known Trump supporter until now. There has been a lot of talk of him running but, despite many people not believing it, he seems to be serious this time. However, we can only wait to see how far he will truly take it.


There are definitely mixed reviews as far as how his candidacy is being received. SpaceX founder Elon Musk who was also a known Trump supporter immediately responded to Kanye’s tweet with his own tweet stating, “You have my full support.”


Dallas Mavericks’ owner and entrepreneur Mark Cuban also says that he would sooner vote for West than Trump.


However, there are many other people who feel West’s lack of experience coupled with his somewhat out-of-the-ordinary behavior throughout the years is exactly what should keep him off the ballot.


Rumors also swirl that West running could work in Trump’s favor. Many believe that West could steal the black vote from Biden yet not get enough general votes to upset Trump. Some even say Kanye may have been paid off by Trump to run for this very purpose.


Those that wonder whether West is serious or not may also question his Twitter post that came on July 5, a day after he announced his candidacy. The tweet was a photo of some innovative dome-like structures. The picture was captioned with the message “YZY SHLTRS in progress #2020VISION”.


There was no further explanation included with the pictures but the guess is that they are inline with West’s “building our future” campaign theme.


No one is sure where these structures are located but West had reportedly been building similar structures in Calabasas, CA last year. However, they had to be torn down because they did not comply with the county’s necessary building permit deadlines.


In the midst of all this, West is also promoting a new album. He teased a short excerpt from his new song “Wash Us in Blood” on Twitter last week. The song will be a track off his upcoming release “God’s Country”. Despite appearances that West’s campaign is going strong, many still question whether this is a media stunt designed to promote the album.


How serious West’s intentions to run remain to be seen. What do you think of him putting his name in the presidential ring?

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