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Josh Homme skates gracefully through dreamlike scenes in the new Desert Sessions music video

Watch Queens of the stone Age frontman surreal adventures in the new Desert session music video.

Josh Homme

In the new music video for the song "Easier Said Than Done", which is featured on the latest Desert Sessions, Josh Homme drives roller skates through a myriad of bizarre situations.

First, we get a shot of a young Hitler look-alike who plays with some kind of demon. However, in no time things go from weird to bizarre as Homme appears wearing a straight jacket and urinates on young Hitler. From that moment on bizarre scenes come one after another, including masturbating billionaire with a pig snout, security guards on fire, and an authoritarian teacher. Genius behind the video is Chapman Baehler.

"Easier Said Than Done" is featured on last Desert sessions albums volumes 11 and 12, Arrivederci Despair and Tightwads & Nitwits & Critics & Heels which were released in October. Homme made the song with drummer Carla Azar, while Jake Shears, Mike Kerr, Matt Sweeney, and Dave Catching also contributed to the song.

Desert Sessions began as Homme's collaborative project which he started in 1997 by inviting many musicians to contribute to the stoner rock series.

Besides sharing the video for Easier Said Than Done, Homme launched Bizzare Bazar. An auction of Desert Session inspired art happening every two weeks. As Rolling Stone writes, all the proceeds go to Sweet Stuff Foundation, Homme's organization which funds music programs for children and provides support for music community members who struggle with health issues.

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