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Gallagher brothers announce and share new music

Gallagher brothers announce and share new music

Noel and Liam Gallagher announced new releases.

Noel and Liam Gallagher

Brit-pop legends Gallagher brothers have both confirmed that new material is on the way. While Liam has only hinted that new stuff is coming, Noel shared a video for his new single.

As NME writes, former Oasis frontman instructed his fans to look out for a special announcement coming soon. Liam tweeted: “Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open 31st January something very special for you all LG x.”

Earlier this month, Liam mentioned that he is considering putting out a track titled “The Worlds In Need”, a rack that did not make it on his last album “Why Me, Why Not?.” In a tweet, he wrote that “it doesn’t matter if it’s out of tune as it’s true.” He also shared a part of the lyrics: “It’s calling me it’s calling you listen up let’s get to you know I need a sign for peace of mind the worlds in need send gods speed c’mon you know”

On the other side, Noel shared a video for the track called “Blue Moon Rising.” The track is his second single to be shared from the upcoming EP also titled “Blue Moon Rising”. EP is out on March 6.

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