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Coriky (Fugazi, Evens) Tease Album With ‘Clean Kill’

Coriky (Fugazi, Evens) Tease Album With ‘Clean Kill’

On March 27th we will be closest we can be to new Fugazi record; a self-titled debut album will be released form Coriky, a bend that features members of Fugazi and the Evens, writes Rolling Stone


The group features guitarist Ian MacKaye (Fugazi, Evens), bassist Joe Lally (Fugazi) and drummer Amy Farina (Evens), while each of the band members will be singing. The band shared the lead track, “Clean Kill,” a warm-sounding song about political corruption. “It’s a clean kill, but it’s not clean,” the band members sing together on the chorus.

Coriky worked with engineer Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios. The band formed in 2015 but didn’t play a concert until 2018. They have said that they would like to tour, but they have not announced any dates.

Regarding Fugazi, they have been on indefinite hiatus since 2003. MacKaye formed the Evens with Farina (previously of the Warmers) in 2001, and they put out their self-titled debut in 2005. Joe Lally has put out a few solo albums and releases with Decahedron, Ataxia and the Messthetics, among others. His first solo album, 2006’s 'There to Here', featured appearances by MacKaye and Farina, as well as Guy Picciotto.

Although Fugazi have been on hiatus, they have released a variety of live and studio recordings. The Fugazi Live Series website features recordings of many of their shows, and, in 2014, the band released its first demo.

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