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Corey Taylor Announces Debut solo Album CMFT Taylor and Drops First Two Singles

Corey Taylor Announces Debut solo Album CMFT Taylor and Drops First Two Singles

Corey Taylor is known for trying new things. Best known as the lead singer of aggressive nu metal band Slipknot, he also formed Stone Sour, a band that released music to show Taylor’s sensitive side. Now he is branching out once again with a new album from his solo project, CMFT. Today, he releases two singles from the album.


The first song, ‘CMFT Must Be Stopped’ came complete with a video which features cameos from Taylor’s rock star friends including Marilyn Manson, Lars Ulrich, Rob Halford, Chris Jherico, ZillaKami and more. The video features Taylor and his band belting out the tune in front of a background that says ‘CMFT ‘in lights and there is also choreographed dancing.


Musically, the song is quite a departure for Taylor and can be described as ‘rock rap’ in the Lincoln Park vain. To provide an authentic experience, hip hop artists Tech N9ne and Kid Bookie are featured on the recording. Taylor worked with Tech N9ne before on a song called ‘Wither’ back in 2015 and with Kid Bookie on a reworked version of the rapper’s track, ‘Stuck in My Ways’.


The second single, ‘Black Eyes Blue’ is a heavy rock number with distinct pop hooks. It is closer in genre to the material Taylor produced with Stone Sour as compared with the heavy industrial sound of Slip Knot but with an even more of a commercial edge.


In addition to dropping the singles this morning, July 29, Taylor also announced that the full album will be released on October 2 on Roadrunner Records. It will feature 13 tracks, some of which are newly written and some of which date back as early as his teenage years.


The album was recorded at Hideout Studios in Las Vegas with producer Jay Ruston. The musicians that play on the album are Christian Martucci (guitar), Zach Throne (guitar), Jason Christopher (bass) and Dustin Robert (drums).


Taylor spoke about the album in an interview he did with "It was something I was planning to do anyway next year when I got off the road with SLIPKNOT, and, obviously, best-laid plans [were] just done and done [because of the coronavirus pandemic]. But I figured if this was the time to do it, why not try and do it,” Taylor said. “Me and my band quarantined. We social distanced for about two weeks, including our producer, Jay Ruston, who I worked with, and the people at the studio that I recorded at, which was Kevin Churko's Hideout [Recording Studio in Las Vegas].


Taylor also spoke a bit about the musical direction of the album. "It's everything I wanted it to be. There's some SLADE in there, there's some Johnny Cash, there's some ALICE IN CHAINS. I mean, big choruses, fun rock, just huge solos — huge solos. It's incredible. I, actually, two years ago, started teaching myself piano just so I can record this song that I wrote for my wife, and I was able to play it and record it. And it's really good — it's probably one of the best things I've ever written."


Good for you Corey! Can’t wait to hear the full album.

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