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31 Christmas Gift Ideas That are Perfect for Vinyl Lovers

31 Christmas Gift Ideas That are Perfect for Vinyl Lovers

The holidays are right around the corner. Many of us are stressed out trying to find the perfect gifts for friends and family. But if you have a vinyl lover on your gift list, you’ll have little to worry about. There are tons of gifts they are sure to enjoy.

This article will provide a few suggestions that are sure to make your vinyl-loving recipient’s holidays jolly and bright.

Record Album Spine Socks

Socks are something everyone can use. A vinyl lover will appreciate their socks even more if they are record album themed. There are socks decorated with album spines that even show the artist names and album titles. Or you can get them socks with a different vinyl album design.

Vinyl Records Throw Blanket


Vinyl records can be incorporated into home décor in a variety of ways. But what’s better on a cold winter’s night than a cozy vinyl themed throw blanket? Featuring an album spine design, the blanket can be thrown over your bed, a couch, a chair, or any other home furnishing. Add a matching throw pillow to complete the set. 

Vinyl Christmas Albums

Don't overthink it. There's bound to be a vinyl album your homie would love for the holiday season. Get one from their favorite band that you know they don't already have, or buy one that features a new artist you're sure they will like. You can also purchase collector's items, seasonal albums and more.

Funky Moose has a wide selection of new and used albums ensuring you will find one that's perfect for whoever you are buying for. 

Cleaning Supplies


If the person on your gift list is passionate about their vinyl, they are probably also passionate about keeping it in the best shape possible. They will require cleaning supplies to ensure their albums maintain their value and sound their best. Funky Moose carries a wide variety of cleaning supplies including the following:


  • Carbon Fiber Record Brush: The record brush can be held directly over the record as it’s rotating to pick up any dirt and dust.
  • Anti-Static Record Mat: The mat removes static charges from the record for hiss and pop-free listening.
  • Carbon Fiber Brush: The carbon fiber brush removes static charges from the stylus to eliminate dust, dirt and static buildup.
  • Record Cleaner: A non-abrasive cleaner gently cleans vinyl records. A soft cloth may be included in the set.
  • Record Cleaner Box Set: The box set can feature a variety of album cleaning items such as an anti-static brush, a non-abrasive record cleaner, a stylus cleaner, and a lint-free cloth.
  • Record Landing Towel: The landing towel serves as a landing pad where you can place your record when you are cleaning it off the turntable.
  • Record Washer System: The record washer system allows you to place your record inside it so you can spin it clean.



Sleeves are used to protect records, so they remain in pristine condition. You can buy sleeves of all sizes in packets of 25, 50, or 100.



Vinyl isn’t only about the albums. It’s about the gear that albums are played on. Gear can make a vinyl lover’s holiday season complete. Here are a few items they will love having in their collection.


  • Turntables: Turntables make terrific deejay gear. They will come in handy if the recipient's turntable is worn out or just needs an upgrade. Do some research to ensure the turntable you're choosing will provide great sound and withstand the test of time. 
  • Speakers: Speakers are another valuable component in how vinyl sounds and how loudly it can be blasted. Speakers vary in power output and technology features. Shop around to find the ones that are right for your recipient.
  • Speaker Stands: Speaker stands elevate speakers so they don’t take up a lot of space in the room. They also allow the sound to carry throughout the space. They vary in height, so make sure you purchase a pair that will be the right size for the room.
  • Desktop Stands: Today, many people listen to music on their laptops. Desktop speaker stands will help the music resonate.
  • Record Weights: Record weights hold the record close to the platter to reduce vibrations resulting in a clearer sound.
  • Task Lighting: Task lighting can be added to desktop and phonograph areas so a person can see what they are doing when they are playing their music.
  • Headphones: Your recipient will enjoy their vinyl even more if they can listen to it through a pair of high quality headphones. An open back design is recommended as it will provide more of an airy sound that will allow vinyl lovers to really hone in on the music. To make the gift even more special, consider getting them a headphone holder as well. 

Gift Cards

Not sure what the recipient on your list has and doesn’t have? Get them a gift card to a record store or gear shop. They can use it to buy anything they choose. Most gift cards can be bought online and sent via email making them a convenient option.

Vinyl Club Subscriptions

These days, it seems like you can get subscriptions for just about anything. Vinyl is no exception. There are many services you can sign up for that will send you vinyl every month for a low price. 

For example, you may consider buying your friend or relative a subscription to Vnyl. The site allows you to order a record for yourself every month. If you are a Trio member, they will send you two additional albums based on your musical tastes. Make your picks quickly to get exclusive editions before other members can swoop them up. 

Vinyl Related Clothing Items

Vinyl lovers can show their love of vinyl loud and proud by wearing vinyl-related clothing items. For example, you can purchase them a t-shirt, hoodie, hat, or any other type of accessory from their favorite vinyl shop. And with vinyl lovers also being music lovers, you may also consider buying them clothing with logos of their favorite bands.

Coffee Table Books on Vinyl

There are various coffee table books that are written about vinyl. Many show the most unique vinyl cover art with a brief description of the album. For a stand-out choice, consider the Booze and Vinyl Book. Advertised as “the ultimate listening party guide” it recommends the best drinks to drink while listening to your albums and directions on how to make them. It’s ideal for vinyl listening parties.

Vinyl Related Art


Vinyl lovers will enjoy artwork that features anything vinyl related. For example, you may find artwork that’s made to look like a vinyl record and is designed with lyrics from their favorite songs. You can purchase vinyl made into clocks or an Andy Warhol type print with vinyl record images. What better way for a vinyl enthusiast to decorate their home?  

Vinyl Record Mug

A mug is an item anyone can use. It will especially come in handy during the cold winter months when people likes to cuddle up with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. A mug with any type of vinyl album decoration is sure to be a favorite with the vinyl lovers on your list.

Vinyl Household  Accessories


If you look around, you will find no shortage of household accessories made out of vinyl records or made to look like vinyl records. You will find vinyl album bowls, key holders, shower curtains, coasters, bottle openers… and the list goes on. The recipient on your list is unlikely to find a better way to decorate their home.

Vinyl Record Stand


A vinyl record stand is used to hold album covers while the record is being played. In addition to keeping the cover safe, it also displays it so you can take in the artwork as you listen. Many have signs that say “now playing’ which creates a party vibe when you are listening with friends.

Vinyl Record Storage Case


Vinyl enthusiasts are likely to have a lot of vinyl. They will need a convenient way to store their records. A storage case is an ideal choice for safely holding overflow from a larger collection. It can also be used to transport records if you are moving.

Storage cases come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Find one that’s best suited to the recipient’s taste to provide them with a convenient gift they are sure to enjoy.

Cartridge Hardshell Case

Does the vinyl lover on your list have cartridges lying all around their home? A cartridge hardshell case is exactly what they need to keep them safe and secure. Many cases can hold multiple cartridges and they even provide UV protection.

Floating Album Mount


Vinyl lovers may want to mount albums on their walls. They make great décor and serve as terrific fan memorabilia.

But hanging albums in the home can be problematic. Use a frame and it will produce glare that makes the album hard to see. And the album will also be stuck there until you open the frame and take it out. Mount the album directly on the wall and you could damage it.

The floating album mount offers the ultimate solution. It allows the record to be mounted to the wall via a small magnetic disc. And if the recipient gets bored of looking at the same album, it only takes seconds for them to change it out with another.

Audio Interface for Record Archiving

Vinyl lovers often want to create digital copies of their records. It backs up the sound and saves the record from being played repeatedly which can wear it down. And if something happens to the vinyl, the listener will still have the music to listen to.

Vinyl is often duplicated digitally with a USB turntable. However, can degrade the sound of the record, especially if you are not using a higher end model.

A dedicated audio interface is a recommended solution as it enables high-quality connectivity with your computer for superior sounding results. It makes a great gift for vinyl fans looking to back up their collection. With a bit of research, you will find options that are easy to use and fit your budget.

Vinyl Record Journal


A pocket-sized journal is the ideal item for taking down notes, keeping track of tasks, and remembering ideas. If you’re crafty, you can make one from album covers that have been up-cycled. If you are not crafty, you can buy them pre-made and give them to the vinyl lovers on your list this holiday season.

Vinyl Record Inspired Jewelry

If the vinyl lover on your list enjoys wearing jewelry, they may be happy receiving some vinyl inspired jewelry items. These include necklaces with album cover pendants, bracelets and earrings with album cover charms, album cover rings and more. There are even watches with faces designed to look like albums.

Cut Their Own Vinyl

If the vinyl lover on your list is also a musician, there’s probably nothing that would please them more than having their own music cut on vinyl. There are plenty of pressing plants that provide this service. Just be sure to order way in advance as many of these companies are backed up. Start thinking of placing your order in the fall to ensure its ready for the holiday season.

Vinyl Record-Themed Tote Bag


A tote bag makes a terrific holiday gift. It’s eco-friendly, useful and it’s something everyone needs. An attractive tote with a vinyl-related design will be the perfect thing for your vinyl lover to take with them to the grocery store, the beach, and on other excursions.

Vinyl Tree Ornaments

What better way for a vinyl lover to decorate for the holiday season than with vinyl record tree ornaments? You can buy ornaments that look like vinyl records, ornaments that look like turntables, and more. You can even have them personalized to include the name and/or picture of the recipient.

Vinyl-Themed Onesie


If the person you are buying for has a little one at home, they will get a kick out of dressing it up in a vinyl themed onesie. Make sure the one you buy is properly sized and has room for growth. You must also see to it that it is made of soft, baby-safe materials.

The Flat Record Flattener


When records get warped, it’s a real bummer. Fortunately, the Vinyl Flat Record Flattener can fix all that. It un-warps flattened records in 1-2 hours without a heat source. It can be used on any size record. It has received high customer ratings since it first came out in 2011.

Record Bag


Earlier, we discussed tote bags that featured vinyl-inspired designs. But here we are talking about bags that were actually designed to carry records. It’s an ideal gift for deejays or anyone else who carries records around often.

Different record bags have different features including varying strap positions, waterproof shells, wheels, and more. Some will even split in half so deejays can rest records inside the open bag after they’ve been spun.

Turntable Dust Cover


A turntable dust cover will keep your turntable from gathering dust, so your phonograph and records stay clean. They will protect the turntable from spills, scratches, and more. The dust cover you purchase should well-constructed and made of a durable material to ensure it offers optimal protection and withstands the test of time.

RCA Cables


A true vinyl aficionado will understand the importance of high-quality cables. You can have the best turntable and the best speakers, but if they are not connected with good cables, the system won’t sound its best. For optimal results, find cables with sturdy shielding that’s especially made for turntable use.

Vinyl Inspired Lunchbox


A lunchbox is the perfect item for transporting food to work or school. You can’t go wrong when you purchase your vinyl lover a vinyl-inspired lunchbox. You may find one with a vinyl print, or you may set your sights on one that looks exactly like a phonograph table.

Vinyl Record Collector Skateboard


If the vinyl lover on your list is also enthusiastic about skateboarding, they will certainly enjoy a skateboard with a vinyl record-themed design. The skateboard can feature record spines, it can be made to look like a record album, or it can have a record print on it. It will represent two of your recipient's favorite things in the world.

Old School Vinyl Flash Drive

Modern technology may not be the thing your vinyl lover is most passionate about. But he or she will certainly warm up to it with a vinyl-themed flash drive.

You can get them a flash drive with a fun vinyl record design on its case. It will make it that much more fun for them to back up their information. And it is sure to come in handy…even if they don’t want to admit it.

Buying holiday gifts is not always easy. But if you have a vinyl lover on your list, you will have plenty of items to choose from. Which of these will you be purchasing to bring vinyl joy this holiday season? 

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