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Vinyl subscription Canada moves into the beta stage

The feedback we've received on the pilot program has been excellent, so we're moving to the next phase!

What is the vinyl subscription service?

In short, when you sign up for the service, you will receive a record in the mail once a month. We try to come up with great releases that you'd maybe pass up when you see them in a physical record store or on a website. Music discovery, so to speak.

Early stages

We're still in the early stages of the service (which was launched in August 2017), so right now, we're sending "catalogue releases" that you can buy anywhere, but we try to give you a good deal on them. The plan is to release exclusive records for Canadian bands and support them on their way to fame (however big that fame might be).

Beta program

We're moving to the "beta" stage, which is the stage where we accept subscribers publically, with the footnote that we still might fumble the ball or break things (not the actual records, we know how to package those securely). We'll always make it right if we do make a mistake, but mistakes might still be made. We will constantly ask for feedback in an effort to make the service top-notch.

Sign up now!

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