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Kendrick Scott - Corridors

Kendrick Scott - Corridors

Corridors is the third album by drummer and composer Kendrick Scott for Blue Note Records, and his first one to feature a trio format with saxophonist Walter Smith III and bassist Reuben Rogers. The album was inspired by the pandemic and the questions it raised about life, loss and movement. Scott explores these themes through eight original compositions and one arrangement of Bobby Hutcherson's "Isn't This My Sound Around Me?".

The album showcases Scott's ability to create harmonic spaces for his trio mates, as well as his own expressive drumming. Smith and Rogers are equally impressive, displaying a deep musical connection and a wide range of emotions. The album flows seamlessly from one track to the next, creating a sense of continuity and coherence.

The opening track, "What Day Is It?", sets the tone for the album with a haunting melody and a restless groove. Scott's drums provide a subtle backdrop for Smith's lyrical saxophone and Rogers' warm bass. The title track, "Corridors", is a dynamic piece that alternates between calm and stormy sections. Scott's drums drive the intensity, while Smith and Rogers weave intricate lines over the changing rhythms.

"A Voice Through the Door" is a poignant ballad that features Smith's soulful saxophone and Rogers' delicate bass. Scott's drums add color and texture, without overpowering the mood. The interlude "One Door Closes" leads to the Hutcherson tune, which Scott reimagines as a playful dialogue between saxophone and bass, with drums joining in later. The trio displays a remarkable sense of interplay and spontaneity on this track.

"One Door Closes, Another Opens" is a hopeful composition that builds from a simple motif to a climactic finale. Smith's saxophone soars over Rogers' bass and Scott's drums, creating a powerful sonic landscape. "Your Destiny Awaits" is another uplifting piece that features a catchy melody and a swinging groove. Scott's drums accentuate the accents and syncopations, while Smith and Rogers improvise with flair and finesse.

The second interlude "Another Opens" leads to the closing track "Threshold", which is a reflective composition that showcases Scott's compositional skills. The trio creates a rich harmonic texture with minimal notes, leaving space for silence and resonance. The album ends on a serene note, leaving the listener with a sense of wonder and gratitude.

Corridors is an impressive album that demonstrates Scott's artistic vision and musical maturity. The trio format allows him to express himself fully, both as a composer and as a drummer. Smith and Rogers are perfect partners for him, as they share his musical sensibility and complement his style. Corridors is an album that invites repeated listening, as it reveals new layers of meaning and emotion with each spin.
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