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Various - The Soul Of Designer Records (Compilation)

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Release Info

Artist: Various
Label: Big Legal Mess Records
Format: Compilation
Country: US
Label: Big Legal Mess Records
Released: 2014-09-30
Genre: Funk / Soul
Style: Gospel


1-1 Tone The Bells Easy
1-2 I Thank You Jesus
1-3 Beautiful City
1-4 Viet Nam
1-5 I Know It's Jesus
1-6 If You Need The Lord Call Him
1-7 Tone The Bells
1-8 Climbing High Mountains
1-9 I'll Go
1-10 Everyone Should Know Who Jesus Is
1-11 We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder
1-12 It's Been A Long Journey
1-13 I Made It Over
1-14 What A Time
1-15 After While
1-16 Trying To Do Thy Will
1-17 Whatever You Do - Do Good
1-18 A Great Day
1-19 Move
1-20 I Feel Good
1-21 Trusted
1-22 The Same God
1-23 How Good God Has Been
1-24 How Far The Lord Brought Me
1-25 Stand By Me
1-26 Something Within Me
1-27 Go Back To God
2-1 God Is Ruler From Above
2-2 I'm On My Way
2-3 Walking Through The City
2-4 Sweet Home
2-5 I Come To Praise His Name
2-6 Mary Don't You Weep
2-7 I Am Going Home
2-8 The ABC's
2-9 Get Right With Jesus
2-10 It May Be Your Last
2-11 Beautiful Mansion
2-12 It's Me Oh Lord Standing In The Need Of Prayer
2-13 Just A Little While
2-14 Do What The Lord Say Do
2-15 He's Coming To Judge The World
2-16 Too Close To Turn Around
2-17 I've Got The Love Of Jesus
2-18 God's Word Will Never Pass Away
2-19 When The Gates Open
2-20 Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone
2-21 God Has Done So Much For Me
2-22 People Of The World Are So Easy To Forget
2-23 Ring The Message Out
2-24 The Greatest Creator
2-25 By And By I'll See Jesus
2-26 Here I Am
3-1 Since He Touched Me
3-2 He's Sweet I Know
3-3 Letter From Jesus
3-4 New Born Soul
3-5 He Won't Deny Me
3-6 Only Jesus Knows
3-7 Jesus Is Calling Me
3-8 If I Could Not Say A Word
3-9 Going Over The Hill
3-10 When The World's On Fire
3-11 Lord's Been Good To Me
3-12 Clean Up Your Life
3-13 Lord Remember Me
3-14 I Won't Have To Cry No More
3-15 A Sinner's Plea
3-16 Holy Ghost
3-17 How Bless You Are
3-18 Nobody's Fault But Mine
3-19 At The Red Sea
3-20 How I Made It Over
3-21 Living Down Here On Borrowed Time
3-22 My Last Song
3-23 I Won't Be Back No More
3-24 Praise His Name
4-1 Try The Lord
4-2 The Lord Will Make A Way
4-3 Don't Give Up
4-4 It's Your Life
4-5 Christ At The Wall
4-6 Strong Believer
4-7 If I Don't Wake Up In The Morning
4-8 You Don't Know
4-9 This Joy I Have
4-10 Why Am I Treated So Bad
4-11 Let Me Lean On You
4-12 When Jesus Comes
4-13 A Helping Hand
4-14 Plant Love
4-15 Freedom Shore
4-16 Don't Blame It On The Children
4-17 You Been Good To Me
4-18 Hold On To His Hand
4-19 I'll Fly Away
4-20 The Lord Is My Shepherd
4-21 I Got The Love Of Jesus
4-22 Do Yourself A Favor
4-23 Testify For Jesus
4-24 Love King Jesus

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