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Various - The Metallica Blacklist (LP, Compilation)

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The Metallica Blacklist is a various artists tribute album featuring covers of every track from Metallica's 1991 self-titled album (commonly known as The Black Album). The collection was assembled in conjunction with the original album's 30th anniversary. Most of the songs are covered multiple times, with 53 artists participating. The album was released in digital formats on September 10, 2021, and in physical formats on October 1, 2021.

Release Info

Artist: Various
Label: Blackened
Format: LP, Compilation
Country: US
Label: Blackened
Released: 2021-10-00
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal


A1 Enter Sandman
A2 Enter Sandman
A3 Enter Sandman
B1 Enter Sandman
B2 Enter Sandman
B3 Enter Sandman
C1 Sad But True
C2 Sad But True
C3 Sad But True
C4 Sad But True
D1 Sad But True
D2 Sad But True
D3 Sad But True
E1 Holier Than Thou
E2 Holier Than Thou
E3 Holier Than Thou
E4 Holier Than Thou
E5 Holier Than Thou
F1 The Unforgiven
F2 The Unforgiven
F3 The Unforgiven
F4 The Unforgiven
G1 The Unforgiven
G2 The Unforgiven
G3 The Unforgiven
G4 Wherever I May Roam
G5 Wherever I May Roam
H1 Wherever I May Roam
H2 Wherever I May Roam
H3 Don't Tread On Else Matters
I1 Don't Tread On Me
I2 Don't Tread On Me
I3 Through The Never
I4 Through The Never
J1 Nothing Else Matters
J2 Nothing Else Matters
J3 Nothing Else Matters
J4 Nothing Else Matters
K1 Nothing Else Matters
K2 Nothing Else Matters
K3 Nothing Else Matters
K4 Nothing Else Matters
L1 Nothing Else Matters
L2 Nothing Else Matters
L3 Nothing Else Matters
M1 Nothing Else Matters
M2 Of Wolf and Man
M3 The God That Failed
M4 The God That Failed
N1 My Friend Of Misery
N2 My Friend Of Misery
N3 My Friend Of Misery
N4 The Struggle Within

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