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Tyler Bates - Deadpool 2: Original Motion Picture Score (Limited Edition, Picture Disc)

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The soundtrack for the 2018 American superhero film Deadpool 2, based on the Marvel Comics character Deadpool and distributed by 20th Century Fox, consists of an original score composed by Tyler Bates and a series of songs featured in the film. This includes an original single "Ashes", performed by Celine Dion. Bates had worked on all of director David Leitch's previous films before being hired to compose the score for Deadpool 2. In addition to the initial theatrical release of the film, beginning on May 18 in the United States, an extended cut of the film was released on home media on August 21 that featured additional music.

Bates joined the film after Junkie XL chose not to return from the first Deadpool, and approached the score with a slight rock sensibility. He attempted to write music that stayed out of the way of the film's comedy and complemented its dialogue, which was a challenge due to the constant changes being made to the film throughout the post-production process. In addition to an orchestra and electronic instrumentation such as an electric guitar, Bates' score includes a choir that sings explicit phrases which match the film's irreverent tone. This earned the score a parental advisory warning, making it the first score album to receive such a warning.

"Ashes" was released as a single on May 3, 2018. Bates' score was released as Deadpool 2 (Original Motion Picture Score) by Sony Classical Records on May 11. A soundtrack album collecting the previously released singles and other songs heard in the film was released by Columbia Records as Deadpool 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) on May 18. Bates' score received positive reviews, especially when compared to the reception of the first film's score, while the soundtrack songs were generally praised; "Ashes" in particular received positive responses from critics with some even suggesting it be nominated for an Academy Award. Columbia released an album featuring songs heard only in the film's extended cut as well as previously released songs on August 10.

Release info

Label: Sony Classical 19075858921
Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Picture Disc
Country: Europe
Released: 2018
Genre: Stage & Screen
Style: Score


A1 X-Men Arrive
A2 Fighting Dirty
A3 Hello Super Powers
A4 Escape
A5 Vanessa
A6 Weasel Interrogation
A7 Holy S*** Balls
A8 Mutant Convoy
A9 The Name Is Cable
A10 Sorry For Your Loss
A11 You Can't Stop This Mother F*****
B1 Ice Box
B2 Docking
B3 Make The Whole World Our B****
B4 Pity D***
B5 Knock Knock
B6 Let Me In
B7 Maximum Effort
B8 The Orphanage
B9 Cable Flashback
B10 Genuine High Grade Lead
B11 Courage Mother F*****

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