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Saunder Jurriaans - Ozark Seasons 1-4 (Original Soundtrack) (LP, Album)

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Release Info

Artist: Saunder Jurriaans
Label: Verve Records
Format: LP, Album
Country: US
Label: Verve Records
Released: 2022-09-00
Genre: Stage & Screen
Style: Score, Soundtrack


1A.1 The Beginning
1A.2 The Confession
1A.3 Liquidate
1A.4 Empty Account
1A.5 Driving
1A.6 Power of Community
1A.7 One Hour
1A.8 Discoveries
1A.9 Worse Than Dad
1A.10 Dermody Realty
1A.11 Investment Strategies
1B.1 Car Accident
1B.2 Burning The Church
1B.3 Clearing The Club
1B.4 Get In
1B.5 Prioritize
1B.6 Feels Different
1B.7 Stripping Isn't For Everyone
1B.8 Marty's Speech
1B.9 Robber Priest
1B.10 Mourning
1B.11 Ozark
2A.1 Nunca Es Suficiente
2A.2 Byrds On Stage
2A.3 Blood Over Everything
2A.4 Job Offer
2A.5 Truck Explosion
2A.6 A New Deal
2A.7 Lost Weight
2A.8 Under Arrest
2A.9 Wendy Begs
2B.1 Massacre
2B.2 Nelson
2B.3 The Tap
2B.4 Where Are The Ashes?
2B.5 Grief
2B.6 Security Cameras
2B.7 Drunk Drive
2B.8 Time To Go
2B.9 How Stupid Is That?

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