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Otoboke Beaver - Super Champon (LP, Album)

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Super Champon is an album by the Japanese punk rock band Otoboke Beaver, released by Damnably on 6 May 2022. It is the band's first full studio album featuring all new songs, rather than fully or partially compiling songs from previously-released EPs and rarities.

Release Info

Artist: Otoboke Beaver
Label: Damnably
Format: LP, Album
Country: UK
Label: Damnably
Released: 2022-08-00
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk


A1 アイドンビリーブマイ母性 (I Am Not Maternal)
A2 YAKITORI (Yakitori)
A3 サラダ取り分けませんことよ (I Won't Dish Out Salads)
A4 PARDON? (Pardon?)
A5 穴兄弟で鍋パーティー (Nabe Party With Pocket Brothers)
A6 リーブミーアローンやっぱさっきのなしでステイウィズミー (Leave Me Alone! No, Stay With Me!)
A7 携帯みてしまいました (I Checked Your Cellphone)
A8 あなたとの恋、歌にしてジャスラック (I Put My Love To You In A Song JASRAC)
A9 呼ばんといて喪女 (Don't Call Me Mojo)
B1 あらあんたえらいええ時計してそれどこで買いはったん (Where Did You Buy Such A Nice Watch You Are Wearing Now)
B2 ジョージ&ジャニス (George & Janice)
B3 一級品の間男 (First Class Side Guy)
B4 孤独死こわい (I Don't Want To Die Alone)
B5 ヤリチン武勇伝ちゃう口を慎め (You're No Hero Shut Up F*ck You Man-whore)
B6 ジジイ Is Waiting For My Reaction (Dirty Old Fart Is Waiting For My Reaction)
B7 DM送ってやろうか (Do You Want Me To Send A DM)
B8 DM送ってやろうか Part 2 (Do You Want Me To Send A DM Part 2)
B9 レッツショッピングアフターショー (Let's Shopping After Show)

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