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New Years Day - Through The Years (Compilation)

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Release Info

Artist: New Years Day
Label: Another Century
Format: Compilation
Country: US
Label: Another Century
Released: 2020
Genre: Rock
Style: Metalcore


My Dear
A1 I Was Right
A2 Ready Aim Misfire
A3 My Dear
A4 Part Time Lover
A5 Sunrise Sunset
B1 My Sweet Unvalentine
B2 You'll Only Make It Worse
B3 Brilliant Lies
B4 Temecula Sunrise
B5 Razor
B6 Saying Goodbye
The Mechanical Heart
C1 Machine
C2 Resurrection
C3 Let's Get Dead
D1 Murder
D2 Two In The Chest, One In The Head
D3 It's Alive
Victim To Villain
E1 Do Your Worst
E2 I'm No Good
E3 Bloody Mary
E4 Victim
E5 Hello Darkness
E6 Death Of The Party
F1 The Arsonist
F2 Angel Eyes
F3 Any Last Words?
F4 Tombstone
F5 Last Great Love Story
G1 The Joker
G2 Other Side
G3 Defame Me
H1 Epidemic
H2 Let Me Down
I1 Kill Or Be Killed
I2 I'm About To Break You
I3 Alone
I4 Left Inside
I5 Relentless
I6 Save Myself From Me
J1 Suffer
J2 Anthem Of The Unwanted
J3 Scream
J4 Your Ghost
J5 Defame Me
J6 Malevolence
Diary Of A Creep
K1 Disgust Me
K2 Bizarre Love Triangle
K3 Fucking Hostile
L1 Crawling
L2 Only Happy When It Rains
L3 Don't Speak
M1 Come For Me
M2 Missunderstood
M3 Skeletons
M4 Unbreakable
M5 Shut Up
M6 Done With You
N1 Poltergeist
N2 Break My Body
N3 Sorry Not Sorry
N4 My Monsters
N5 Nocturnal
N6 I Survived
1 Two In The Chest, One In The Head
2 Angel Eyes
3 Defame Me
4 I'm About To Break You
5 Disgust Me
6 Shut Up
7 Come For Me

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