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Marah - Kids In Philly (LP, Album)

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Kids in Philly is the second studio album by the band Marah, released in 2000. The songs draw from musical influences including Bruce Springsteen, Mummer string bands, Phil Spector and roots rock, while the album's lyrics are rooted in the band's Philadelphia home. Kids in Philly garnered widespread critical praise for its energetic abandon, lyrical sincerity and depth, and unabashed pilfering of numerous musical influences.Reviews of subsequent Marah albums would make comparisons with Kids in Philly so often that Dave Bielanko would lament it as "my old albatross" on 2010's Life is a Problem.

Release Info

Artist: Marah
Label: Valley Farm Songs
Format: LP, Album
Country: US
Label: Valley Farm Songs
Released: 2018-01-19
Genre: Rock


A1 Faraway You
A2 Point Breeze
A3 Christian St.
A4 It's Only Money, Tyrone
A5 My Heart Is The Bums On The Street
A6 The Catfisherman
B1 Round Eye Blues
B2 From The Skyline Of A Great Big Town
B3 Barstool Boys
B4 The History Of Where Someone Has Been Killed
B5 This Town
CD-1 Faraway You
CD-2 Point Breeze
CD-3 Christian Street
CD-4 It's Only Money, Tyrone
CD-5 My Heart Is The Bums In The Street
CD-6 The Catfisherman
CD-7 Round Eye Blues
CD-8 From The Skyline Of A Great Big Town
CD-9 Barstool Boys
CD-10 The History of Where Someone Has Been Killed
CD-11 This Town
CD-12 Intro by Dave Dye WXPN (Philadelphia)
CD-13 Reservation Girl (Live At TLA 2000)
CD-14 After The Implosion (Live At TLA 2000)
CD-15 Eventually Rock (Live At TLA 2000)
CD-16 Omertá (Bonus Track)
CD-17 Heavyweights (Bonus Track)
CD-18 Why Independent Record Stores Fail (Bonus Track)
CD-19 A Beer In A Bar (Bonus Track)
CD-20 The Catfisherman (Remix by Mickey Petralia)
CD-21 Yam Wine (Bonus Track)

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